I'm new in the Forum I hope it is the right area. I'm a Buddhist but I mentioned an interesting Situation that is probably connected with hinduism.

I'm meditateting till sleep and I try to be Aware on that. In my Meditation I'm reaching the nature of mind. It is the highest state of Meditation in tibetan buddism It is a completly non dual state. That means the boarder between subject and objects disapear. It is nondual.

Last night I had 3 dreams without awaking inbetween.
At the end of each dream there was a black space with nothing in. After it a new dream started and in the end there was this black space with nothing in.

Some months ago I was able to get into this black space after a dream.
It was completely black and empty. But it seemed. that there were a lot of Information. A Kind of emotional stream. But this stream was separeted from me. And it was just a little part of this. In fact there was no "me" It was just conciouness. The very most of this "Environment" was a black empty space.

I told this dream to a friend. He has a job where he deals with spirituality of different religions. And he is very inteligent. But he is a Buddhist. He thinks it was a kind of pre-state of turiya.

He sad from a hindu point of view it would be great to reach the nature of mind(so a nondual state) to get very close to enlightment.

Can you please tell me more or more detailed Information on turiya or the Meditation while sleeping?

What do you think about my experience? Do you see any connection to turiya or some other state of sleep or dream=

Can you tell me more on turiya or the states that comes before?

Maybe my explenations where a little bit confusing.

Please feel free to ask for any more details if you need them.

thank you