To add to the current political drama in Malaysia, some racist, fanatical politicians even go to the extent of criticising other religions. This video, uploaded yesterday, shows this so-called politician, a Muslim, criticising and making fun of Hinduism in the most childish, uncivilised way. The video has sparked a furore among Malaysian Hindus, with many Hindu politicians asking him to be charged for insulting another religion, and others insisting that he issue a public apology. There's a huge public outcry among non-Muslims here, and this monkey has ignited our fury. The majority of Muslims themselves are against him for saying such things and have told us that this guy is an idiot and in no way represents Islam's teachings. "He is an embarrassment to his own race and religion," say some Muslims. The Quran itself states to not talk bad about other gods.

Basically, he makes fun of Hindus for worshiping all sorts of statues, and asks why our gods didn't prevent some recent flood in which statues were destroyed. He also insulted Lord Ganesh and said we prayed to animals. Mother Ganga was insulted too, when he exclaimed his disgust about dead chicken carcasses floating in it. Does he know about all the other stuff flowing in it? Even Lord Murugan wasn't spared. His huge statue in Batu Caves(a famous temple dedicated to Murugan), along with His vel(spear) was insulted too.

This idiot does not understand that we use statues to focus on our gods, not that the statues itself are our gods. Crazy guy.

The video is in the Malay language, but I've included articles in English. And do read the comments made by the public in Youtube and the articles.

PS: His behaviour in no way represents the views of other Muslims, so do not get angry with Islam or Muslims in general. This was just to illustrate the extent some fanatic people can go to in a multireligious country.

Aum Namah Shivaya