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Thread: When scriptural reading dominates

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    Re: When scriptural reading dominates

    Where we used to live, we attended a Gita study group that *to me* was the most wonderful gathering and I looked forward to it every week.

    There was a study group leader that would read a canto and then discuss it briefly while giving examples of his life experiences.

    Then, one person from the group who had been given the verse the prior week and asked to return this week with their "lesson" for the group. This would be their understanding of the verse with their experiences mixed in.

    Then we would go around the room and each person had a turn (if they chose) to give one or two of their thoughts on what the verse meant to them.

    It obviously takes several years to get through the entire Gita but it was such an amazing group and I learned so much about myself and also learned so much from everyone else sharing the knowledge from their life experiences.

    I tried a Gita group in my current place and it nearly put me to sleep. I looked around and there were people playing on their cell phones or just staring in to space. It was a lecture format, not personal life experiences used.

    I do enjoy attending various religious lectures, but I guess the key has to be an engaging leader/instructor.

    The groups where there is just a reading of scripture seems more like a sadhana group not a true study group. I like these sometimes, but I prefer discussion groups because I don't always understand little nuances and sentences that have double meanings and appreciate when those are explained.

    There are all these different styles because what works for me may not work for the next person. I do wish their were more truly discussion style study groups. Those seem so much harder to find!


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    Re: When scriptural reading dominates


    This thread is worth resurrecting for the newer members to read.

    The OP's observation is about how some of us latch on to one aspect of religion, to the total exclusion of all else - non-judgemental!
    Many of us viewed it from different angles and expressed our views.


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    Re: When scriptural reading dominates

    Study is useful important, but what to study? Bhagavatam is ideal, shares wisdom of greatest depth. Srimad Ramayana is also as well. All of these indicate a living practice.

    Memory can be hampered by too much reading, and memory of the Lord is what is primary important.

    Swamiji teaches meditation, japa and bhajans. We should always have the name of the Lord on our lips.

    Vishwas (faith), Shwas (breath.)

    It brings energy and all good things. Whatever we could wish, God is more than those. Love, infinite, Sachidananda.

    Being Atmarama means self-satisfied.

    All we do is for Atma-Gnana. Wisdom of the Atma.

    Japa, bhajans and meditation all lead to Atma-Gnana, the main thing...

    And in prayer, we should pray for all beings.

    The secret of Guru Gita is this, knowledge of the soul.

    So what to study? There are so many, it is good to have a few main ones.

    Bhagavatam, Gita, Datta Darshanam.

    Breathing slow is main of yoga.

    This seems a different topic; it is, but all are connected.

    Deep and slow breathing come naturally when one is happy and peaceful.

    Slow is a secret of health.

    Rahasya means secret. So many.

    Children know. We all know. Be happy.

    Sarva Mangalam,

    Swami Vivekananda explained, before super conscious illumination, conscious effort.

    Mental Seva, bhajans and meditation, is useful as physical also.

    Annadana, giving food.

    Tripura Rahasya, is the favorite of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

    May all be healthy and happy.

    Sarva Mangalam

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