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It is obvious that Lord Krishna is never adulterated or stupefied by deluding energy because he is described as immutable in the scriptures. He is also described as infallible (acyuta), He do not fall from his position.
Lord Krishna uses his energy to bring a particular jiva to the position of guna avatara Lord Shiva. This process is explained as a transformation of energy of the Lord. Lord Krishna uses his energy to empower a particular jiva so that this jiva may serve as a demigod Shiva and destroy the world.
That's it.
There is no mystery about it. I do not understand why people have problems with this concept.


Thanks Brahma Jijnasa ji . I understand your concept of Lord Shiva . But problem is that the purport does not speak on similar lines . Anyways , thanks for informing me about GV views on the purport .