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Thread: Translations Of Brahmanas

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    Translations Of Brahmana-s

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    namastE astu bhagavan vishveshvarAya mahAdevAya tryaMbakAya|
    tripurAntakAya trikAgnikAlAya kAlAgnirudrAya nIlakaNThAya mRtyuJNjayAya sarveshvarAya sadAshivAya shrIman mAhAdevAya ||

    Om shrImAtrE namah

    sarvam shrI umA-mahEshwara parabrahmArpaNamastu

    A Shaivite library

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    Re: Translations Of Brahmanas

    Omkara thanks for the links.

    I have not checked all the links, but this is not a translation. Just an introduction is in English.


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    Re: Translations Of Brahmanas

    Quote Originally Posted by Omkara View Post
    I'm sorry if I sound nitpicky, I just feel the need to clarify something (since I'm a sAmavedin, ). That translation which you linked is of the jaiminIya upaniShadbrAhmaNa (which is an AraNyaka), the jaiminIya upaniShad is a different text I can tell that it's the former text being referred to here as the jaiminIya upaniShadbrAhmaNa is the text that starts with prajApatirvA idaM trayeNa vedenAjayadyadasyedaM jitaM tat, whereas jaiminIya upaniShad is the text which starts with tadAhuH kena juhoti kasminhUyata iti prANenaiva juhoti prANe hUyate.
    படைபோர் புக்கு முழங்கும்அப் பாஞ்சசன்னியமும் பல்லாண்டே
    May your pA~nchajanya shankha which reverberates on the battlefield, last thousands upon thousands of years...

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    Re: Translations Of Brahmana-s

    This is the capital basis for the Satapatha Brahmana translation. The Satapatha Brahmana is a Hindu angelic argument which describes data of Vedic rituals, including abstract and fabulous background. It was committed to autograph about 300 B.C.E., although it contains portions which are far older, transmitted orally from alien antiquity.

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