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    Namaste, Sisters and Brothers of HDF et al.

    I have been studying religion, philosophy and spirituality for 16 years now. I am thirsty for more knowledg. I hope you can quench it.

    By the way, I see that there was no option for Atheists in the choice for religion. I know it doesn't count as one it should have been there.

    Looking forward to dialogues with you,
    Harsh Prasad,
    Om Tat Sat

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    Re: Intro

    Vannakkam: Welcome to HDF. I hope your stay hereis fruitful.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Intro


    Welcome to the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by WolfWest View Post
    I have been studying religion, philosophy and spirituality for 16 years now.
    That is quite a feat for a person who lists his age to be 16 years.


    BTW, I did a google search on 'atheists websites' and quite a few of them popped up. They might be better suited to your needs in case you are of that bend and would like to converse with atheists. Just a thought.

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    Re: Intro

    Namaste WolfWest,

    And welcome. Let me be transparent and share with you without being patronizing.

    I too was an atheist and student of philosophy for the last 20 years or so. 12 of those years were dedicated to formal training in philosophy in American colleges and universities. I have taught philosophy in a college and university setting, but now I am a liberal arts tutor at a local college.

    It's great that you are curious and thirsty for debate and dialogue. If you are good at philosophy, that's fine, but be careful. Words and concepts travel on the wind (Vata), which can be deeply creative or horribly destructive. Philosophical analysis (positivist or deconstructionist) is the same way: Our inner winds can blow through us peacefully, or they can become a dark and terrible storm and utterly destroy us. We can also find ourselves alienating those around us without realizing it. Don't be tempted by the intrigue of the tempest.

    If you are interested in the Western view of atheism, check out the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a clear and reputable reference on current debate. Specifically, you may be interested in the logical problem of evil and evidential problem of evil.


    Good luck with your search! Feel free to ask questions.
    "Be the change you wish to see in other people." ~Gandhi

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