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Thread: Women Soldiers

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    Women Soldiers


    Manikarnika also known as Lakshmibai, the Rani of Jhansi, was born in the Eternal City of Shiva called Kashi also known as Varanasi.  She was one of the most beautiful women on Earth.

    Manikarnika has special significance to me as the place I want to have my ashes thrown in Ganga.  But also I think of this beautiful women, who also the British men in the occupation and their soldiers were secretly in love with.  

    Her mother died when she was four.

    She became the Rani of Jhansi, the Queen.   She was educated, and she was adept at horseback and martial arts and weapons.

    She was also a soldier.  At Kotah-ki-Serai near the Phool Bagh of Gwalior, a squadron of the 8th Hussars, fought the large Indian force commanded by Rani Lakshmibai which was trying to leave the area. As per historical record "The 8th Hussars charged into the Indian force, killing many Indian soldiers, taking two guns and continuing the charge right through the Phool Bagh encampment. In this engagement, according to an eyewitness account, Rani Lakshmibai put on a sowar's uniform and attacked one of the hussars; she was unhorsed, fired at him with a pistol, and also wounded, probably by his sabre, followed by a fatal shot from his carbine."  

    Jai Lakshmibai!  You are an eternal flame!  

    So, sometimes it takes a woman with sword in hand to make a statement to the world.  Of all the women of the world, watch the Tigers of India!  Such women shall not be crossed.  Especially those born in Varanasi.

      So, should women serve as soldiers?    

    Whether you think so or not, a woman will fight for Her children, be they her own born or those adopted servants of the people who love their Own Rani, their Mother.  

    Mother is a tiger. She rides a Lion. She rides a Tiger. She rides a Crocodile.  Men are Her slave.  Mother is India.

     No women should be forced to fight when a man isn't there first, or Rama is coming. That I agree with.

    But if she wants to, you will not be able to stop an angry mother.  No way.  

     Should women be allowed to serve?  Should women be forced to serve?

    When does a women fight, or does a woman just allow any disgrace?  And what is a soldier?  What army would you fight with, and what flag would you carry?

    Simply being a soldier isn't the entire story?

    Om Namah Shivaya

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    Re: Women Soldiers

    If a number of women so choose to become warriors then that is their fair choice, and no one has the right to deny them, as that is discrimination and then no reconciliation to Moksha.

    Kali ma is a destroyer, she could have been sitting at home, or told to do something else, but she is there, as male and female are.

    It is for those women to decide as they lead their lives not other individuals, usually men who think they can control women..
    All those gang rapes where a number of men think they can treat women as pieces of meat, touch them on buses etc, respect mother, Durga Mata ,Kali ma is staring in front of you why...

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    Re: Women Soldiers

    That's pretty deep, I really liked the way you write actually, made me more inclined to read all of it.
    It makes me thing of the first battle narrated by Krishna in the Baghdad gita, I someones purpose is to be a soilder, then a soilder they be, then killing they do.

    However, if there were no armies, soldiers wouldn't serve, and it's only the governments that have armies, and governments don't deserve armies, they claim to own people through history and fear. then any fighter in history would have been a ronin, just fighting for his own reasons:

    I agree with Krishna in the gita, If it's right and it must be done, You'll know. (I remember the battle with Arjuna quite significantly.)

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