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Thread: Buying Meat for Others

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    Re: Buying Meat for Others

    Quote Originally Posted by Necromancer View Post

    I am going to provide a 'what if?' scenario.

    What if you are, or have recently become, a vegetarian, but you own a pet...say a cat who won't eat vegetables?

    Then you give the cat a tin of cat food to keep the poor animal alive....

    I am in that situation.

    Aum Namah Shivaya
    I too buy meat for a cat. He eats more expensive food than I do sometimes!

    Regarding this - "That quote from the Manusmriti sums it up nicely, everybody who has a hand in butchering and selling and cooking an animal is just as much 'at fault' as the one who consumes it."

    Isn't there also the story of the righteous butcher and the sannyasin?

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    Re: Buying Meat for Others


    Apologies for reviving an older thread, but my (perhaps exceptionally naive) query is related to this topic, mainly out of curiosity. I will elaborate.

    I visited a local restaurant run by a Hindu guy and his family. We were talking about the menu (I go there a lot!) and how the local population do not eat pakoda, it does not sell. The menu in fact must be delicately adapted to local tastes to make the business run in a profitable manner. Seems fair. You react to local needs and demands.

    Now, another customer arrived and asked about beef curry. He was offered the choices of chicken, mutton, fish and vegetarian (paneer, chana, vegetable etc). So there is that. We don't provide, or eat the cow, but we can sell you the other stuff.

    Going back and looking at this from the original point made in the first post:
    �He who permits the slaughter of an animal, he who cuts it up, he who kills it, he who buys or sells meat, he who cooks it, he who serves it up, and he who eats it, must all be considered as the slayers of the animal.� (5:51)
    How am I to interpret this business decision in line with Ahimsa as well as wider Hindu thought and practice, varied as it is? (no biggie then!!) This is mainly in my mind as I consciously move toward, or away from eating animals. I just cut out the eggs really. The rest is there, mainly because of calorie content but that's another issue.

    Anyway, this thought process leads me to a place where I do not use leather shoes, belts or wallets. But then, do I avoid riding in a vehicle with leather interior? I am being deliberately obtuse, principally because it is a thought exercise. As noted, other people are responsible for their own Dharma. But how do all these "choices" impact ourselves and those around us?

    I noted from a link posted above the following observation from Yajvan in this post:
    I have been taught and understand the notion is simple ' do the least amount of harm' . When you have a choice, choose non-injury.
    Perhaps I am over complicating things? The least amount of harm is to follow your own path, and try to to impress upon others your view/perspective? My own thoughts on this one example? Perhaps the impact of not responding to market pressures in this instance (on yourself and your family) is vastly greater than the impact of being dogmatic in your approach to scripture and thought. Follow your own path, let others do their thing, be aware of your actions. But maybe I am just trying to justify a point after the fact?

    Input always appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Buying Meat for Others


    For our safety and the safety of others, we are required to drive within the posted speed limits, stop when the traffic light is red and wait for it to turn green, not park where 'No Parking' signs are posted, yield to people at pedestrian crossings and follow other myriad rules. There are consequences for breaking those rules.

    You seem to be well aware of the rules for spiritual progress and are reaching out for an affirmation. The simple answer is that if you make a choice to deviate, you slow your own spiritual progress. With that in mind, what is your question/doubt?

    Quote Originally Posted by cyril View Post
    .....try to to impress upon others your view/perspective?
    How does that enter the equation? Who am I to impress upon you as to how to live your life? At your request/prodding, I might share my view/perspective, but would not impress anything on you.

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    Re: Buying Meat for Others

    Namaste cyril

    Believer has given an excellent answer to your question.

    I have been through similar situation, found my answer in Srimad B.G 2nd & 3rd Chapter. If you are not convinced with the answer provided kindly read those two chapters. I reminded of a Swami Chinmayananda quote 'Grace is only to be found by effort, although it is here and now'. I replace 'grace' with 'truth'.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Buying Meat for Others

    Namaste and thank you

    I understand a bit better. I think I have been viewing a lot of things in an "either, or" manner. A lot of it is also slightly rhetorical. Yes, if I look within, the answers are there. They are known, but it puzzled me at that point as to why (for want of a better phrase) "people do things that may have negative consequences". Further to that, for me: does/should/will it matter?

    You know, one of the small questions in this world! File this or under beginning steps.

    But thank you again for taking the time.

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