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Thread: Drugs in scriptures

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    Re: Drugs in scriptures

    Hindu references to ethogenics(drugs imbibed for spiritual purposes) include the Kesin hymn, where the long haired ascetics wearing yellow, would ingest the poisonous drug, but through yoga become immortal from drinking Rudras poisonous elixer.

    This validated not only in the Rig-Veda but in Shiva legends as well. One includes Shiva(the ultimate yogi) drinking the necter out of the sky, a necter which proved poisonous to the devas and the asuras. That's why Shiva has a blue throat, its a toxic side effect of the amrita he consumed.

    The nath yogis who invented hath a yoga, also took psychedelics like ganja, and jimson weed, and others unknown.
    It is also widely accepted by many shivites that Ganja drinks like bhang is the legendary soma mentioned by the rishis

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    Re: Drugs in scriptures

    Yeah, exactly necro..

    I've sort of realized the same thing in my own experience.

    For example, when I used to take mushrooms I would have profound experiences and lessons learned, but I would always second guess it on it maybe being just me hallucinating.

    Since then I have had other, sober, experiences that have validated what I had experienced before, but as you and many others have said;
    Drugs can show you the door but they cant open it or take you through them.

    States you achieve while "under the influence" are temporary as are the majority of experiences.
    I say that because just like the Buddha said, in order to fully grasp/realize something, you have to experience it.

    Sure, you might have experienced a profound reality, but in your sober state when thinking back on it it is almost as if you were just told it. When you are sober and experience it you have, for a lack of better terms, a point of reference for it.

    You weren't 'out of your mind' when you experienced it therefore the insight is more Grounded.

    This is no way minimizing things that can be understood while under the influence, but the influence those things have on you are temporary. This is why many people who have their first spiritual experiences on psychedelics often turn back to them time and time again, because when they are sober they don't have the same reality.

    I am extremely grateful for the times when I was younger when I had taken them. I know it may seem odd to some people, but it showed me God in a scope I couldn't have fathomed before and it put me on to living a spiritual life which in turn saved it.
    I was extremely depressed before and had constant suicidal thoughts and then I turned to God.
    First I found him through altered states of consciousness in mushrooms, then in books, then in myself and the world.

    I don't think anyone is in a spot to say that "it's never the beneficial" and it's only bad, because that's not true. It can show you the door but you, on your own, have to find it again when that experience is over and open it.
    The true 'end' of a spiritual life is sobriety. Maybe not 100% because sometimes experiencing God and sharing his grace comes in small moments like having a beer with your dad and talking about life.

    For me, I really took to bhakti. Devotion to The Lord in every aspect whether that be just driving your car or donating your time to someone less fortunate than you.
    Still I smoke on and off(weed) but within the last 2 years I've made a dramatic change from literally smoking weed everyday for about 6 years to weaning myself off to eventually stop completely.

    I mentioned bhakti because one thing I did/do and would recommend would be to devote it to God as well. I make hip hop music(just for me, I'm not a rapper and am not trying to be one) and one big habit that I have is to smoke and make music.

    Well, for the last few years I have been making music strictly for God in my own imperfect way to try to have bhakti in another aspect of my life as well as trying to share the Lords grace with my friends if I happened to show them a song.
    The way I looked at it, is if I made a song with good rhymes and they liked it, the lyrics would be subconsciously 'soaked in'', and maybe connect them with something they normally wouldn't have read, heard or thought about that could put them on The Path.

    My life's "goal" if you will, my life's mission is only to live with more compassion than I did yesterday, and to connect others to God at whatever level their consciousness will allow them to identify with.

    Anyway, sorry I'm rambling, it's my first post here, but what I do/did and would suggest is before you're about to light up give a moment to consciously reflect on what you are doing and consciously devote it to God. That even though you are going to partake you devote this, along with everything else in your life, to connecting yourself and others with God

    It gives a whole other consciousness to the act.
    That doesn't make smoking "righteous", but if when you smoke it's devoted to The Lord and pondering Him can it really be un-righteous?

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    Re: Drugs in scriptures

    Quote Originally Posted by Necromancer View Post

    I am curious as to why you would even want to know such things? What use is it?

    It has been a very long time since I've read any scriptures, so I have forgotten if there are any references to drugs in them.

    I do know that Soma is mentioned in the Rig Veda, but I have taken the word to mean 'the nectar of immortality being produced due to the churning of the Cosmic Ocean' rather than any kind of hallucinogenic drug.

    Such interpretations are only man-made (usually by those who indulge in the consumption of mind-altering substances themselves as a form of...justification).

    Similarly, Lord Shiva is said to have been 'reportedly' a user of cannabis and datura stramonium, which some claim is to have been 'written in a scripture somewhere'. Maybe it was, but if it has, I have never read it.

    I often wonder why it is, that if God can attain altered states of conscious naturally, through samadhi, what use is there in taking psychoactive substances?

    Even Baba Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) gave LSD to his Guru, Neem Karoli Baba who stated it had no effect on him.

    I have smoked cannabis before (many times, in fact - I was addicted to it). What I know from my personal experiences, is that drug usage can show you where the door is, but cannot take you through it.

    Those people who have said they've had mystical experiences whilst on drugs, have only witnessed what can be and not what is. They have been shown the destination, but they haven't reached anywhere. They will forever be looking at their tour map, without even taking a step. They will forever be 'on the outside, looking in'.

    Even though drugs may not be mentioned in the Scriptures (although there may be obscure scriptures that may make mention of them), you can take what I say as being 'gospel'.

    Aum Namah Shivaya
    You say that People who had mystical experiences while being High only witnessed what "could" be, but not what "is". Why do you believe this? What if the insight this person gained, lasts even after is has been a long time since the High wore off?
    "... And you will Come to find that we are all one mind, capable of all that ' s imagined , all unconceivable. Just let the light touch you, let the words spill through, let them pass right through, bringing out our hope and reason.

    We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion

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