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Thread: Gaudiya Vaishnava teachers

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    Gaudiya Vaishnava teachers

    Sri Matre Namaha,

    I was reading about the teachings of Chaitanya Maha Prabhu and I have a few questions about the Dasa Mulas. I would like to get them answered/clarified by scholars from the Gaudiya Vaishnava School. Are there any Gaudiya Vaishnava Scholars available in these Forums whom I can reach out to?

    I do not wish to Discuss my questions with anyone from ISKCON.

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    Re: Gaudiya Vaishnava teachers

    Spiritual answers do not really come from scholars. Academic teaching is the beginning. Once one starts to practice meditation and lead the spiritual life, the answers come from within.

    Books (written by saints) can help us to better understand what we are experiencing, but university scholars and temple scholars can not give us what we need.

    The spiritual answers come from spiritual practice. And to engage it is not complex or difficult.

    We need to do our daily prayers and meditations, we need to aspire towards the purest morality that we can attain, and we need to consciously do charitable works to help other people.

    If we engage that course of life, the answers will come.

    As far as the deep mystical truths and deep mystical realizations...those also come from the practice of prayer and meditation itself.

    Sri Chaitanya was a historical person, who lived and realized God. But for all intents and purposes, he is still alive...still living, as a conscious being, in an unseen realm. If we dive deep into meditation, we can have (varying degrees of) contact with him and he can inspire us to learn whatever it is we need to learn.

    The thing that is needed to attain the great states of meditation is profound love for God. No knowledge of occult science can provide that. No skill in meditation can attain that. That comes, in time, by grace, and by spiritual practice.

    Pray to Sri Chaitanya. If your prayers are sincere, he will indeed hear you. Meditate on him. If you meditate on him with humility and sincerity, His presence will come to you and feed you with whatever spirituality you need, from a little bit of peace to soothe the most profound spiritual truths and techniques, needed to progress your spiritual life.

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