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Thread: "Who wants to kill their own children?" ...

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    "Who wants to kill their own children?" ...

    "But whatever God wanted, happened," said a relative of Nidhi.


    Apparently 'falling in love' is extremely taboo in some areas and is considered by them to be a dilution of their 'values'. Does anyone know what the historical basis of those values are?

    Hari Aum

    First, Nidhi was beaten to death and then Dharmender was dismembered alive.

    Nidhi's parents and an uncle have been arrested. A fourth villager - a driver - has also been held. Police say they are treating the double murder as an "honour crime".

    At the funeral on Thursday, I was searching for remorse or guilt on the faces of the men present at the cremation ground, but there was none forthcoming.

    "Who wants to kill their own children? But whatever God wanted, happened," said a relative of Nidhi.

    A man who identified himself as Nidhi's uncle looked dazed, or even bewildered.

    When I asked him to explain why two young people were so brutally murdered, his eyes quickly filled with anger and his reply met with approving nods:
    "What was done to them was the right thing to do. We had to set an example." An example for other young men and women to not fall in love.

    I took a round of the village to explore if anyone had differing views. I found none. The neighbouring villages too approved of the killings ...
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    With our ears may we hear what is good.
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    Re: "Who wants to kill their own children?" ...


    I offer my condolences to the lives lost.
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    Re: "Who wants to kill their own children?" ...

    No matter how much we try to educate people, bring modernization in villages, etc, people wont change unless a change is brought from within. I know its easier said than done, but government should make it a mandate to educate every single child of village.

    Problem is, the need to make an effort and actual efforts by government are largely missing

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