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Thread: Amazing Vedic Aradhya Brahmins

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    Amazing Vedic Aradhya Brahmins


    Indologists said they no longer existed. Amazing, yet only a community of a few thousand families, they do exist. They are Vedic Saivas who are called Srouta Saiva, and the Brahmins in the lineage have clearly preserved Vedic tradition from one generation to the next since the time of Rig Veda. These Brahmins are called Aradhya Brahmins, and they adhere to Varna system that has a lineage folllowed from one generation to the next and allows others, by protecting them, to also protect the heritage which these true Brahmins have preserved into the "modern times".

    Now these are Brahmins I would be honored to wash their feet, no matter my opinion of caste. Because truly, they are amazing!

    In this recent edition of Hinduism Today (Oct/Nov/Dec 2013) the world is amazed to find that indeed, they do exist, full of vibrant culture, community and love based on Vedic Dharma.

    In India, you will find them, they never left nor will they ever leave. The world is now looking at them, these wonderful Brahmins and these Vedic Saivas.

    Stemming from Pashupati of ancient renown, from the Rig Ved, and they are also protectors of ancient Lingadharana tradition, that of wearing a tiny Lingam in a locket around the neck at all times once initiated to this vow.
    A Temple of theirs in Hyderbad is called Kashi Vishveshwara. This immediately struck my attention, obviously the Temple is named after the Vishvanatha Temple in Kashi, Varanasi and where is the Jnanavapi Well, of which I have had the honor to visit, Kashi the City Never Foresaken by Lord Shiva!

    To me yet another obvious clue to their ancient lineage back to the hoary past and a thousand upon thousand generations.

    They perform the traditional Vedic Fire Ceremony. And there in the Temple is a tall golden colored flag pole, to me yet another stunning clue from the hoary past, and girls light lamps which they decorate the base of this flag pole. I am reminded of the Flagpole of Indra!

    In another of their Temples of Three, we find the Hanuman Murti. "Hanuman is the spark of Shiva" as says one of the Vedic Saivas in the article.

    The Brahmins give Siva Mantra Diksha and Sivalingam to all, Om Namah Sivaya, they initiate those who are called untouchable, it is given and the Lingadharana Diksha. If someone comes later to Saivism, such as a Westerner, then sixteen samskaras are done along with an ancient purification rite. Yes, even upanayanam is given to the qualified once it is shown. But for Lingam wearing, you must prove yourself through regular Shiva worship. Married women are also given initiation. Arranged marriage is the approved method.

    You can read further details in Hinduism Today! I bow to these great Vedic Brahmins, one day I hope to meet one!

    Om Namah Sivaya

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    Re: Amazing Vedic Aradhya Brahmins

    I had the good fortune of meeting such brahmins. This was in Sri Rangam in around 2004-2005 when my wife and I did a pilgrimage there. These were traditional, hereditary brahmins who had an unbroken family lineage from ancient times, who only married other brahmins, only ate in the houses of brahmins, only wore brahmin clothing, etc. They were also doing their varNAshrama dharma perfectly, meaning that they were learned in mantras, and they spent their free time begging for alms since no one was supporting them.

    It was a heart-breaking sight for us to see these Vedic scholars reduced to that plight. These great souls were just begging like common beggars, even though they had the greatest treasure in the form of brahma-gyAna. In ages past, this was the dharma for brahmacharis, but to see these grown men doing it was unsettling. It's sad to see how the government and modern folk have neglected them because of their inheriting a wrong ideology to the effect that brahmins have exploited everyone else. These brahmins weren't exploiting anyone. They were putting themselves out there, ready to be kicked and scorned just because it was their means of subsistence.

    It reminds me that those haters of Hindu culture who call its customs "vile," simply have no idea what varNAshrama means. In manu-dharma-shAstra there is a verse to the effect that a brahmin should not desire to be respected, but instead should desire to be reviled. That's the kind of humility they are supposed to have, and the rest of us are supposed to support brahminical institutions, instead of neglecting them because of some hair-brained ideology about "class conflict."

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something." - Plato

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    Re: Amazing Vedic Aradhya Brahmins

    Namaste Philosorapter

    It may surprise you to know that, in my limited capacity, I have given some service to Brahmins, this includes the type of Brahmins you serve, this was in the capacity of "security" as well as a driver or chauffeur in my younger days, and also to Brahmins of the type you do not serve which being non-Indians and in the capacity of stitching attire for Murtis (don't worry, in neither examples would I be allowed assist in puja or step onto an altar).

    I am strongly sympathetic to the plight pf Brahmins who find it difficult to live their duties to their community, their "religion" and to their temple. There is a temple I attend in my area, a fairly new one, in a very bad area, even dangerous, the two Brahmin priests have a hard time at it, they wear powdered red turmeric tilak and the main Murti is Durga, so I help when I can and plan on going to this temple for Navaratri.

    In America, no "traditional" Brahmin needs to have any fear that someone is going to demand they renounce their Varna or function. As with everyone else, the only fear is to be a victim to crime, to abomination of vice, taxes, poverty, and death. Nothing new there.

    These Vedic Brahmins will likely never leave their community or India. But they are certainly welcome to come to America, which would benefit from them. They would be welcome by most Americans.

    Om Namah Sivaya

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    Re: Amazing Vedic Aradhya Brahmins


    it was very wonderful to read it and wishfully I will have opportunity to Serve them as well it would be more than joyus for me as now I am truly speachless after reading this and my heart runs to them as well wishing that I could support them.

    Om Namah Shivaya.

  5. Re: Amazing Vedic Aradhya Brahmins

    Jai Mahadev! Reaching out to a fellow Saivites, I just found this post titled "Amazing Vedic Aradhya Brahmins" I am actually in the Hinduism Today issue this was published and my Guru is on the front cover of that issue. I believe my wife and I are on page number 32 or 33, I am the westerner Srinatha Mahadevan. Anyone interested further in this venerable tradition is welcome to private message me for further information.

    Best Wishes and all blessings of Sri Vishvanatha Mahadev and Mother Vishalakshi

    Jai Uma Maheshwara!

    Srinatha & Shankari Mahadevan

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