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Thread: Great time of rememberance and thanks, Happy Navratri

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    Great time of rememberance and thanks, Happy Navratri

    Hari Om

    To this HDF family who has given countless boons to me and shown much patience, please have a great Navratri! Do not think should have favorites, but this is one of mine. May you each and everyone be blessed with remembrance of who you are, with good friends, joy with family, with thankfulness. Let us not forget the hungry and hurting children of Maa Durga. Let us be thankful for the eternal dance of the Auspicious One.

    May Goddess Durga bless you! Happy Navratri!

    Om Namah Shivaya


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    Re: Great time of rememberance and thanks, Happy Navratri


    Happy Navratri

    Jai Shree Krishna
    Jai Maa Ashapura
    Jai Maa Durga
    Jai Maa Ambe
    Rig Veda list only 33 devas, they are all propitiated, worthy off our worship, all other names of gods are derivative from this 33 originals,
    Bhagvat Gita; Shree Krishna says Chapter 3.11 devan bhavayatanena te deva bhavayantu vah parasparam bhavayantah sreyah param avapsyatha Chapter 17.4 yajante sattvika devan yaksa-raksamsi rajasah pretan bhuta-ganams canye yajante tamasa janah
    The world disappears in him. He is the peaceful, the good, the one without a second.

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    Re: Great time of rememberance and thanks, Happy Navratri

    Namaste FFTW,

    Beautiful words. Let the love and radiance of the Divine Mother fill every home during the celebration of Navaratri! Goddess bless everyone.

    Jai Maa Durga!
    Jai Ambe Maa!
    Jai Maa Bhavani!

    Om namah Shivaya
    "Watch your thoughts, they become words.
    Watch your words, they become actions.
    Watch your actions, they become habits.
    Watch your habits, they become your character.
    Watch your character, it becomes your destiny."

    ॐ गं गणपतये नमः
    Om Gam Ganapataye namah

    लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु ।
    Lokaah SamastaaH Sukhino Bhavantu

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