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    Shani Dev


    At a local temple (all Hindu, no matter what sect ) in San Jose, in Fremont also, there is a Shani Dev murti, this is also true in a Saiva temple not far away. Lord Shani Dev is not worshipped as a supreme, or primary Deva but as a popular divinity almost like an "angel" (?).

    For some reason or attraction I enjoy visiting for darshan of Shani Dev at Navagraha shrines, I have even had a couple of very pleasant dreams of Shani Dev visiting in a form of all black with four arms and glowing a sapphire light. No, I am not saying I had a vision of Shani Dev, just a pleasant dream probably influenced by nice visits to temples.

    It seems Shani Dev has some popularity in this area, and I am wondering if other Hindus visit for darshan including in India. Oddly, I don't recall Shani Dev being as popular in parts of India I am familiar with, though I know He has temples. Is Shani Dev popular in your area, in India, and why is He perhaps popular among Hindus from India who travel to live in the USA?

    Shani Dev does not seem to be linked to either Saiva or Vaishnav sects. He is the Brother of Surya. He does seem to give very good omens and "luck". What do you think?

    Om Namah Sivaya

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    Re: Shani Dev

    I worship most our Hindu Gods, But I only do Shuni Dev Mala, and I didnt even know who he was when I started it. I just got told to do it by my Mum, lol.

    But now I know a little, I remeber his programme on Imagine that ended.

    I think Shuni dev has given you his blessing in form of a dream, I think Gods do such things. I think there are normaly dreams and then there are dreams where we can be visited in spirit and maybe that was your blessing from him?

    Om shum shuni sachray namah.

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    Re: Shani Dev

    hari o

    śanaiscara, śani शनि
    Consider śanaiscara :
    This śanais शनैस् means quietly , softly , gently , gradually. So we have śanais as gradually, softly + cara चर moving, walking , wondering. Hence śani is considered śanaye kramati sa - the one possessing or containing ~ with the attribute~ (sa) who moves or proceeds ( krama) slowly (śani), quietly (śanais).

    We know it takes śani some 29.7 years to make one complete trip around sūrya, his father - hence the slow moving one. From this we can deduce he owns the last day of the week ( slowest or arriving last).
    He is high in patience, as patience comes with time and steadiness. This patience and steadiness gives way to being deliberate and purposeful. From this we can also see perseverance in difficult times. From this steadiness, one can groom devotion (bhakti).

    Many fear śani for the wrong reasons (IMHO). More on śanaiscara at this hdf post:

    iti śiva
    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: Shani Dev

    Hari Om <3

    Beloved Lord Shani Deva is the Son of Chaaya and Lord Surya. <3

    Here is a goodly post about Him.

    Here in my Temple Home He is observed every Saturday through His Home with the other Rulers of the heavenly bodies, including His Beloved Father.

    When i come i always go to Him and Lord Surya and walk around they are so Beloved to me.

    Just this past Saturday i found myself doing just that.

    Being that His Father is celebrated by all, also this Son of the Sun is too. No matter what name you may call God....we all can not avoid the fruit of our actions which is Beloved Lord Shani's ultimate task. For me He is a teacher...

    Because when i have done something ignorance...Lord Shani Deva has come along and give a harsh correction. From this correction, we can learn! If we make the outcome a lesson to learn from, then the pain is given purpose.

    Crows are how He comes to me...this is his vahana.

    What wonderful dreams you must be having. I would also like that sort of dream, as Lord Shani, Saturn is very exhalted in my chart...i do Love Him so much. He is a bestower of correct learning to me...a Guru...and Beloved Lord.

    Hari Om <3

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    Re: Shani Dev


    ShivaFan, I will give you the traditional way in which respects are paid to Shani Dev in Delhi and many other North Indian areas. On Saturdays, someone working at the temple (but not the temple priest) would go around with a mini bucket like container. This container has some oil (mustard oil) and a stamped cut out of Shani Dev from sheet metal. Their chant is 'Shani ko manave, sadaa sukh paave', meaning personal well being is guaranteed to whoever accepts Shani Dev as his god (and pays respects to Him). People drop a coin or two into the bucket and take a bow in front of Shani Dev. Same ritual is conducted during the eclipse periods. I don't know the significance of carrying His likeness in oil or why He is considered a protector of humans during the time of an eclipse, but those are the traditions. I would love to hear from knowledgeable (no guesses please, we can all make our own ) people about the reasons for our observances.


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    Re: Shani Dev

    I am overwhelmed with the wonderful responses. I am taking it all to heart, and wiser for it. Jai Shani Dev!

    Om Namah Sivaya

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    Re: Shani Dev

    Sri Matre Namaha,

    there are very few Hindus who worship Shanaichara out of love and most worship out of fear or as an appeasement to ward off negative influence in one's horoscope. He is the ultimate lawgiver.

    Trayodashi (13th day of the lunar cycle ) falling on a Saturday is the most auspicious day for his worship.

    I remember reading somewhere that Shanaichara secured a place amongst the 9 planets by pleasing Kalabhairava with His intense penance. That is the reason, a lot of people worship Kalabhairava to escape from the malefic effects of Saturn.

    The sage Pippalada granted all men a boon, that for sixteen years from birth no man will have any affliction from the planet Saturn (Sani).

    It may be slightly off the track, but it is worth noting that Sage Pippalada, who is also the Seer for the Dhumavathi mantra had praised Sanaichara and that is why Sani has a Nama (Name) Pippaladena Samstutaha.

    Dhumavathi is often identified with Alakshmi or Jyesta Devi who is the consort of Sanaichara. Both Sanaichara and Dhumavathi has a crow as their mount and both symbolize human sufferings which is their way of teaching us dispassion.

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    That, which is the cause for the entire Cosmos to be as it is, is Mahamaya the divine player.


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