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    Hello Geetha ...
    I will offer a little help in how to control the mind in a post in which I will give soon. I will title it ... "Meditation & Mind".

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    More and more these days we see countless recommendations to practice the age old art and science of meditation. Most, if not all, extol its seemingly magical power on the human psyche through its purported benefits. These recommendations and claims have stood the test of time as they are universally accepted and well justified. Let us revisit and explore this divine gift we all posses.Allison Eaton 35-year meditation teacher offers quick tips and guidelines to help you evaluate which meditation practice might be best for you.
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    Meditation is very necessary for our busy life. I have a very tight schedule and have no time for the meditation and morning exercises but still I devote my 15 minutes for meditation. Last year, on the vaastu pooja of my new house, my best buddy gifted me an Electronic Hawankund, which later seems very useful for me. Every morning I use to on this electronic hawankund which continuously chants mantras and aartis. It is very helpful for me as it keeps me free from stress and creates a peaceful environment.

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