Mother-Nature is the objective reality of Brahman, she is called Devi in India, as all of you probably well know. She is subjective Atman, as well as the objective God.

This mind, having grown up in America feel very comfortable with the Greek term Gaea, the mother-goddess of Greece.
She is everywhere at once and the only existence, she is Nature/Consciousness. She is all nature, but her true nature is beyond the human perceptions. She is invisible, soundless, nonlocal, and nondual.
she is the never ending energy of nature producing infinite geometric shapes and densities. She is pure
consciousness, she is the life of all beings.

The senses being limited distort the perception of God, and so are not to be relyed on.
Those intelligent yogis,reason over and over, all other gods dwell within her divine existence! Truly she is the one true God, she is Brahman, she is all nature and consciousness!

With knowledge of that infinite God beyondP form, devotees yearn for a true communion with the Creator, constantly worship the lord by meditating constantly on her grace, by retracting those yogis indeed see the true nature of being. This is the abeda-bhakti.

America is far from India, but the truth always stays the same, God is always God. Mother-Nature.
Sacred Scriptures, have flooded every bookstore and public library. The bhagavad gita,atmabodha, the Upanishads, the avadhuta gita, ashtravaka gita, yoga vasistha, etc.
The list goes on, as amerca absorbs the east it seems many people are dropping out of society to meet that all encompasing Devi. I've watched new religions, cults, and covens pop up all with the neo-Advaitic notion that everyone can be enlightened.
seeing this I cant help but wonder how the next hundred years will go, as the west seeks to cope win the lack of traditional gurus. A new western dharma seems inevitable.