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Thread: Controversies in our epics.

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    Re: Controversies in our epics.

    Namaste Ganesh Prasad ji and others who contributed to this thread,

    no doubt both epic, are the history of Bharat Varsa, depicts Rama lila and Krishna lila and it is true that Vaishnava worship both this deities but that does not make it a Vaishnava literature nor does the epic it self make such a claim.
    Strictly speaking one is a history of Suryavansa and the other a Chandravansa.
    These are epic of great proportion a history of Bharat, no Hindus in India looks upon it as a sectarian literature.
    Thanks for sharing your views.

    From all of the input shared here, it is clear that both (central characters) Sree Raam and Sree Krshna are Vaishnava deities. But that alone is not sufficient to claim it as a Vaishnava scripture. I will end this thread now.

    I hope the members won't be divided if I say, Sree Veda Vyasa and Sree Vaalmiki have composed these scriptures. I am with a opinion, the authenticity of certain portions described in other versions are questionable because they do not correlate with the central theme of these two epics.

    In due course of time will create many child threads addressing specific issues. We can continue our discussion in future pertaining to specific issues.

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    Re: Controversies in our epics.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anirudh View Post
    The answer will help me to discard claims which are irrelevant or geographically influenced.
    Don't. 'Hari Ananta, hari kathaa anaataa'. Whatever a person believes.
    "Paropakaram punyaya, papaya parapeedanam."
    (Helping others is merit, causing pain is sin)

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