Vannakkam: Next to Holi, this has to be one of the most active and colourful festivals going. Here is a coconut smashing video from Penang.

The internet has tons of uploaded videos from all over. So if you're interested, do a search.

In Mauritius, the cavadees (Mauritius spelling) have amazing amounts of flowers on them. Everything is done in abundance ... the penances, the abhishekhams, the long hours for 10 days straight, etc.

Myself, and friends originally from Mauritius have been trying to get it started here. This year we (4 of us) did milk pot cavadee 21 times around the Moolasthanam, and the board did an extravagant puja for our small but history filled Palaniandavar moorthy, so its a start.

It may seem strange at first for people unfamiliar with the custom, but for Tamil Saivas like me, it's one of the best festivals ever. Ever since first hearing of kavadi when I was 20 or so, it has fascinated me.

Vetri Vel Murukannukku
Aum Saravanabhava