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Thread: Shri Rohiniranjan - Jyotishi

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    Shri Rohiniranjan - Jyotishi


    Shri Rohiniranjan ji - a well-known personality in Jyotish circles has joined our fora. Being an astrology enthusiast, I have read his jyotish writings around various Jyotish fora and at

    As stated at on RR ji's introduction:

    Rohini Ranjan is a jyotishi writer with many years of experience. His learning began in India and still continues, for Jyotish is such a vast ocean. There is always so much more to learn. Since early eighties, RR has been very interested in telecommunication and in exploring the cyberspace as a progressive and efficient medium for teaching, learning and discussing Jyotish.

    Real-time Interactive Online Reading Sessions (Skype Only) with Rohiniranjan can be ordered by filling out completely the form. If you are a jyotish-learner, please remember to download the FREE primers
    RR has served as Section Leader on Astrological Fora on CompuServe and GEnie and continues to remain an active contributor to astrology and Jyotish newsgroups and mailing lists and the Mystic Forum (

    His astrology-related articles have appeared, since 1979, in The Astrological Magazine, Ascendant, Aspects, Rising Star, Times of Astrology, Express Starteller Magazine, S.H.A.P.E., Sagittarius rising and in cybermagazines such as those on Boloji,,, Fraser Valley Guild, etc.
    As much as I know, he lives and practices from Canada.

    Welcome to the forum, Sir. (Thank you, Satay ji, for allowing me to make this welcome post).

    Warm regards,

    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    Re: Shri Rohiniranjan - Jyotishi

    Dear Friends,

    I just now read this kind and loving sharing by Viraja ji!

    If I was a modern, younger person, I would have initiated my response to this rather inflationary sharing by Viraja ji, with an "OMG!" :-)

    It is strange that when the worth and real value of a currency shrinks we call it inflation! Is that ironical or what?

    I am just an ordinary person like most and while this 'inflating' and effusive introduction seems like someone is looking at me with a convex lens, being a myopic nearly all my life and thriving only due to concave lenses of increasingly higher diopteric power bestowed upon me by my eye doctors as I grew from child to an old man now, which kept my vision clear and sharp, gratefully! So I am a great believer in the POWER of the concave lens, which in physics we were told diminishes the apparent size of what you are seeing.

    Being an avid photo-phile in addition to being a Jyotish-phile (both endeavours gripping my nubile soul at a very young age!), I have appreciated the function of concave lenses which essentially give us photographers the wide-angle lens which shrinks the image of the object but at the same time allows a wider span of the subjects ahead of us and thus is more inclusive!

    Jyotish to me has been more like a zoom lens! It allows one to view at a life with wide and more inclusive vision or field, as well as to zoom-in and focus on a narrow area.

    Thank you Viraja ji, for expressing your kind thoughts and for such a wonderful introduction. Whether my accomplishments in Jyotish etc as laid out in the introduction or bio are significant or not, my love for Jyotish (and photography) sure have been, to me personally! And through those came a better understanding of LIFE and the mysteries of what I call *Human Experience*, the experiential perceptions and realities of each of us as i-n-d-i-v-i-d-u-a-l-s THAT brings us together as communities where we share, such as this wonderful forum!

    Love, Light, Simple Reality!


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