Dear friends and members of HDF,

I recently came to know about 2 more very effective pariharas (remedial measures), also stated by jyotishi AMR in many of his recommendations to his clients and solution seekers. Both are made to god Sri Lakshmi Narasimha:

1. This one has the power and potent to cure even diseases such as Cancer. This sloka is called 'Narasimha Prapatti' and given out by Mukkoor Sri Lakshmi Narasimhacharyar.

Recite the following short sloka either 48 or 108 times before a cup full of pure water kept at the sanctum sanctorum (home shrine) of Lakshmi Narasimha. Light a ghee lamp and pray. When done, offer the god either panakam (jaggery water) or boiled/cooled down milk with sugar. Drink the water after the prayer is done.

Narasimha Prapatti

Mata narasimha, pita narasimha
Bratha narasimha, sakha narasimha
Vidyaa narasimha, dravinam narasimha
Swami narasimha, sakalam narasimha
Itho narasimha, paratho narasimha
Yatho yatho yahihi, tatho narasimha
Narasimha devaath paro na kaschit
Tasmaan narasimha sharanam prapadye

மாதா நரசிம்ஹா, பிதா நரசிம்ஹா
ப்(4)ராதா நரசிம்ஹா ஸகா நரசிம்ஹா
வித்(3)யா நரசிம்ஹா, த்(3)ரவிணம் நரசிம்ஹா
ஸ்வாமி நரசிம்ஹா ஸகலம் நரசிம்ஹா
இதோ நரசிம்ஹா பரதோ நரசிம்ஹா,
யதோயதோ யாஹி: ததோ நரசிம்ஹா,
நரசிம்ஹா தே(3)வாத் பரோ ந கஸ்சித்
தஸ்மான் நரசிம்ஹா சரணம் ப்ரபத்(3)யே

Mother and father is Narasimha
Brother and friend is Narasimha
Knowledge and wealth is Narasimha
My Lord and my Everything is Narasimha.
Narasimha in this world, Narasimha in the other
Wherever I go, there is Narasimha
Narasimha is the only Lord,there is none other

2. Recite this small sloka on Lord Narasimha 48 or 108 times every SUNDAY during Rahu kaal (4:30 PM to 6:00 PM) for 11 consequetive weeks. Offer panaka (jaggery water) or boiled/cooled down milk in the end.

Sri Nrisimha Maha-mantra

ugram viram maha-vishnum
jvalantam sarvato mukham
nrisimham bhishanam bhadram
mrityur mrityum namamy aham
"I bow down to Lord Narasimha who is ferocious and heroic like Lord Vishnu.
He is burning from every side. He is terrific, auspicious and
the death of death personified."

(The point of me sharing these slokas and pariharas with everyone is for all friends to benefit from them).

Thank you,