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Thread: Definitions starting with the letter: R

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    Definitions starting with the letter: R

    Definitions starting with the letter: R

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    rudra means “crying, howling, roaring, dreadful, terrific, or terrible”.

    And rudra means “red, shining, or glittering” and “strong, having or bestowing strength or power” (also “running about and roaring”, “driving away evil”, or “to be praised”).

    Rudra (as “the Roarer” or “the Howler”) is the God of Tempests (connected with Indra) and the God of Fire (connected with Agni), and as a destroying agent Rudra is the God of Time (the all-consuming Kala).

    Rudra is connected with Vayu, and Rudra (as Shiva) is auspicious and benevolent, possessing healing powers.

    There is only one rudra, and there are innumerable rudrAH ~ counted as eleven in the Vedas.

    ye devāso divyekādaśa stha prthivyāmadhyekādaśa stha |
    apsukshito mahinaikādaśa stha te devāso yajñamimam jushadhvam | RV 1.139.11 |

    O ye Eleven Gods whose home is heaven,
    O ye Eleven who make earth your dwelling,
    Ye who with might, Eleven, live in waters,
    Accept this sacrifice, O Gods, with pleasure.

    The Mahabharata names the eleven as:
    Mrgavyadha, Sharva, Nirrti, Ajaikapad, Ahirbudhnya, Pinakin, Dahana, Ishvara, Kapalin, Sthanu, and Bhava.

    The Harivamsha names the eleven as:
    Hara, Vahrupa, Tryambaka, Aparajita, Vrshakapi, Shambhu, Kapardin, Raivata, Mrgavyadha, Sarpa, and Kapalin.

    The Matsyapurana names the eleven as:
    Ajaikapad, Ahirbudhnya, Viupaksha, Raivata, Hara, Vahurupa, Tryambaka, Savitra, Jayanta, Pinakin, and Aparajita.

    And the Vamadeva Mantra appeals to the eleven:

    vāmadevāya namo jyeshthāya namah śreshtāya namo rudrāya namah kālāya namah kalavikaranāya namo balāya namo balavikaranāya namo balaprathanāya namah sarvabhūtadamanāya namo manonmanāya namah ||

    Bow to the Noble One, to the Eldest; to the Best; to the Howler; and to Time;
    Bow to the Incomprehensible, to Strength, to the Cause of the Various Forces, and to the Extender of Strength;
    Bow to the One who Subdues All Beings, and who Kindles the Light.

    Rudra Gāyatrī

    तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे महादेवाय धीमहि ।
    तन्नो रुद्रः प्रचोदयात् ॥

    tatpurushāya vidmahe mahādevāya dhīmahi |
    tanno rudrah pracodayāt ||

    May we Know that Supreme Person and Meditate on that Great God,
    May Rudra Impel us to That.

    See also: Raudra Brahman

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