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Thread: AAP's Rajmohan Gandhi works for CIA - Sai Lal Jediya

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    AAP's Rajmohan Gandhi works for CIA - Sai Lal Jediya

    In a rare interview rarely highlighted by media, one person Sai Lal Jediya, accuses Rajmohan Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, as a Christian and a CIA agent, who is working for them to remove Russian allied congress and inject american allied congress. CIA is also trying to break our country to break into small parts.

    Sai Lal says he was baptized and was asked to beg as a 10 year old boy in foreign land

    If the link does not work, please search for title.

    AAP's Rajmohan Gandhi works for CIA - Sai Lal Jediya
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    Re: AAP's Rajmohan Gandhi works for CIA - Sai Lal Jediya

    Yes, Rajmohan Gandhi is a US mole like many people in Aam Aadmi Party.
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