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Thread: Name and story of a god?

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    Name and story of a god?


    what's the name and story of this god who rides a tiger? Ebay labels him as "Krishna", who he IMHO clearly isn't.

    Thank you for your information.

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    Re: Name and story of a god?

    Namaskar Cosinuskurve ji,

    I believe this is Lord Ayyappa, also known as Hari-Hara. He is the God created when Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu combined their powers/forms. There are several stories/explanations as to how/why this happened. Perhaps someone who knows those stories better than I can post some. Alternately, knowing His name can help your to look them up, I hope.

    What has Learning profited a man, if it has not led him to worship the good feet of Him who is pure knowledge itself?
    They alone dispel the mind's distress, who take refuge at the feet of the incomparable one.
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    Re: Name and story of a god?

    Namaste Cosinuskurve,

    He is named appayan,Once there was a demon who was given a boon that he could only be destroyed by a child born from lord vishnu and lord shiva(Hari - Hara).Lord vishnu took to the form of Mohini and united with lord shiva and the child was left at a river bank and later found by a king who fathered him and when he came of age he killed that demon.I wish one day that I can play with tigers like that..

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    Re: Name and story of a god?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aanandinii View Post
    Namaskar Cosinuskurve ji,

    I believe this is Lord Ayyappa,
    Vannakkam: And you would believe correctly. Cosinuskurve, Ayyappam worship is pretty muck limited to Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu. As with Murugan, not that popular in the North.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Name and story of a god?

    Sri Hariharasuta Ayyappa Swami is a deity famous in South India.His temple in Sabarimalai forest is fast becoming a famous pilgrimage center.Devotees undertake a ritual of 41 days known as Mandala and take vow to obey severe rules.

    He dances in the golden hall of Chidambaram, Let us worship His rosy anklet girt Feet.

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