According to Wikipedia ( Ucçhishṭa Ganapati is blue in colour. There it is written that: He has six arms. He is blue in colour. His hands show the rosary, the pomegranate, the paddy ear (shalyagra), the nocturnal lotus, the lute (vîna); his sixth hand sometimes bears a guñja berry, embraces the goddess. The Ucchista Ganapati trunk is placed on the goddess's thigh

However, some sources say different, stating that: 53.3. Matangi and Ganesha are both related to elephants. The terms - matanga, maatanga and matanga raja – all refer to the elephant. Matangi had her origin amidst the elephant huntress and she holds a hook (ankusha) that controls an elephant. Ganesha as para-vak the un-manifest word is at muladhara, while Matangi as vaikhari –vak is at visuddhi. The tantric sadhana regards Matangi as the female counterpart of Ucchishta Ganapathi.

The Ucchishta Ganapathi is a tantric form of Ganesha .He is depicted as red in color, naked and intoxicated. In some forms he is shown amorously playing with his consort seated on his left lap (nari-yoni-rasasvada lolupam, Kama mohitam).Like Matangi, the Ucchishta-Ganapati too is associated with unclean things.nclean things.

Can you please help me with my matter? Is Ucçhishṭa Ganapati RED or BLUE in colour? Thanks!