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Thread: SadGuru and God

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    I don't believe SadGuru is a real teacher. I think he is a fraud. People have to remember that all one really has to do, to fake being a true memorize some philosophy, dress like a Guru...and take a few acting lessons on how to pretend to be holy.

    Actions speak louder than words. If you look at the life of Mahatma Gandhi, there is an endless list of real world actions that he took that were incredible courageous, faithful, pure, honest and on. it is documented what a real saint he was.

    he personally indicated that Swami Vivekananda was a real saint. And he also indicated that Paramahansa Yogananda was a real saint.

    So, right there, you have 3 credible people.

    Swami Vivekananda even joked about all the false teachers. He said, "in Bengal, the avatars grow like mushrooms."

    No, saints don't grow like mushrooms...they are very rare. But frauds do grow like mushrooms and are everywhere.

    Oh and Bhagwan Shree known as Osho...that is another fraud. That guy was literally accused of bio-terrorism in Oregon, USA.

    Back in the 80's he had a center near here. I think he collected Rolls Royce cars and had guards who carried machine guns. Pure fraud.

    Paramahansa Yogananda himself regarded Sri Ananda Moi Ma and Sri Ramana Maharishi as true saints. So there are two more. The writings of all the saints I mentioned are available,

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    Re: SadGuru and God

    Namaste Surya,

    Very tricky subject to discuss.

    But primarily your final discernment is very true. All subjects and scriptures are free..
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: SadGuru and God

    Hare Krsna surya

    firstly your free to have your own opinion which you say is your belief

    one important consideration is that guru is impersonal and nirguna and will act according to kala desha and patra even when talking to groups nations and the individual they will address the consciousness of the person and this can vary that is what is meant by impersonal and nirguna

    what impersonal means in dharma and in western cult religious and intellect are two different things

    mostly people in the west choose a guru to replace the Jesus figure in a failed religion and look for an outside leader to guide them and do all the thinking for them but this concept of Jesus is a false one when in fact Jesus was not a historical religious dictator he was a mushroom

    you say VJ sadhguru is fake but for many people he is not also he does a lot of very important social welfare work in Tamil Nadu providing free food health care and education and spiritual guidance to native tribals and poor people many people like him and to pick and choose who is the right guru and wrong can often cause division

    osho was a genius and also inspiration to many people conservative religious rule followers wont like him but that’s because they don’t understand what he said he was against suppression and rules that bound one from understanding ones own freedom expertly dismantled an oppressive rigid self righteous religious system that has enslaved the world for 2000 years and creates mindless zombies

    he would was to say follow your freedom don’t repress don’t be bound by rules be bound by freedom and consciousness

    the western society is very heavily conditioned by suppression of the church and subconscious programming of Freudian psychology, what a great mix and no wonder you come out with comments that most Americans are idiots the rest of the world would tend to agree

    i don’t drink beer not because I am not allowed to because I have no desire to if I repress something falsely then there is a chance it will come back and more stronger

    if osho met met a person and his freedom was little or no desire i doubt he would tell him to change

    also it was Sheila behind the food poisoning and the rolls Royce’s was to outrage materialist who give importance to metal objects

    ghandi is also under scrutiny by dual thinking’s linking some of policies to current problems of the day so you will have mixed opinion on that too but can one human can fully satisfie everyone

    another puzzle to consider if we judge who is who by standards of mundane religious rules and morality

    swami vivekanda ate meat but eating meat is a sin was he saint or sinner where do these strange concepts come from

    blind followers will say he can do because he is saint but others can’t because they are not saints

    sadhu is not a saint

    does a sadhu think there is difference between himself and other will he feel he is more special

    hence the importance to raise the level of consciousness to understand nirguna and kala desha pata or time place and circumstance

    and abandon mundane religious thinking by thought police

    for your consideration

    Harih Om
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