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Thread: Kashmir Shaivism: Conscioussness

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    Kashmir Shaivism: Conscioussness


    This is Spiritualseeker (the one who lived in Orlando fl, im in Michigan now). I had my account deactivated sometime ago and tried to reactivate it, but I was unable to post. I made this account so I can post again. Here is just a post about a subject I am currently interested in. Feel free to pitch in.

    Everything is Consciousness

    ‘Everything is Chiti, Everything is Consciousness’

    ‘…shambhavopaya is the barest movement of intention, even subtler than that, so subtle that words can’t describe it. It may be thought of as pure grace that pulls consciousness into Consciousness, like a magnetic force that is invisible, indescribable, but potent.’ (Awakening Kundalini by Lawrence Edwards)

    The way of Kashmir Shaivism is one of great optimism. It is a teaching that you are Shiva or you are Supreme Consciousness. “Shaivism says that Consciousness underlies all creation. It was there in the beginning, it is there in the middle and it will be there in the end. It is the fundamental stuff of the universe’ (Consciousness is Everything by Swami Shankarananda)

    In Consciousness is Everything, Swami Shankarananda describes the ‘headless one’. What he means by this is the subject of your universe. He explains that we as the subject are headless, whereas everyone else has a head. His reasoning is that we cannot see our own heads, but we can see other people’s heads. We may be able to see our head in a photograph or a mirror, but that head is ‘over there’. In other words you are the only subject of your universe. Everything else are objects appearing in your consciousness.

    If you look around the room you are in you can contemplate that the room is actually inside of you. You are not in the room, but the room is inside of you. Other people and objects are also appearing in you. Objects appear in Awareness. You being the only Subject in your universe shows that you are Awareness that gives light to all objects.

    In a dream we may see ourselves in our body or another body existing amongst other ‘outside’ objects. We may meet many characters and play in many dramas. Upon awakening from sleep we realize that all those objects and characters were just you, because they appeared only in your awareness. The same is said of our waking life. Everything is appearing in our consciousness.

    “Kashmir Shaivism can be summed up in one sentence: ‘Everything is Chiti, everything is Consciousness’. All questions appear in Consciousness and nowhere else! Of her own free will, Chiti unfolds the universe on Her own screen. Consciousness creates the universe of Her own free will. Consciousness is free and Shiva unfolds the universe within Himself.” (Kashmir Shaivism and Modern Science by Sham Misri & Dr. M. L. Babu)

    Here is a practice from ‘Consciousness is Everything’:

    If Douglas Harding had looked in the Shaivite text Vijnanabhairava, he would have found Dharana 62: Linam murdini viyat sarvam bhairavatvena bhavayet Tat sarvam bhairavakaratejastattvam samavishet
    The yogi should contemplate the entire open space (or sky) under the form of the essence of Bhairava and as dissolved in his head. Then the entire universe will be absorbed in the light of Bhairava.’
    Practice headlessness this way. Look at your Consciousness. Harding says that it is a luminosity on top of your shoulders that looks out and sees and records everything. He says that you only apparently have a head, what is really there is this formless luminosity. You see your own head only in the mirror or in a photograph. From the point of view of awareness of the Self you are headless!

    Look around you. Notice that the room and everything in it is recorded in your awareness. Try to see from Harding’s or Shiva’s perspective: everything is held in my awareness. Ultimately the only thing I see, hear, sense or feel is my own awareness. Let your head open up and accept everything you see within itself. I am Shiva, the headless being. There is no separation between me and my experience. It is all held in my awareness. Meditate this way for 10 minutes”

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    Re: Kashmir Shaivism: Conscioussness

    I am so fortunate that i met someone who is serious about spirituality and not just a fanactic..
    Verily true indeed. Everyone in the Shivas family represent a path that leads to the supreme consciousness. Lord Shiva is indeed the supreme consciousness. He is the most merciful most humble yet most powerful. Every male/purusha we worship is an indirect representation of the supreme Sada shiva. I personally experienced so many miracles(spiritual) after serving the rudrakshas which are the purest representations of the Lord in the material realm.It is sad that many call Him the destroyer. But i once read a beautiful analogy given by a renowned foreign spiritualist. We see tides rising and falling down the ocean. But do we attribute the quality of destruction to the ocean?NO. The tides rise from the original source and fall back to their original source while the ocean remains unchanged. Lord Shiva is the ocean He is the original source original path and the final destination.
    I personally experienced so much bliss by chanting his mantra "HAUM" Words cant express my gratitude to Him and to His son Lord Ganesha After using Haum and Gam there is not a single second where i dont think of Ganesha. I always think of God and feel His presence. It hard to put it out in words but bija mantras work. And if we collaborate them with reading true scriptures then our path to liberation gets started
    I personally feel anyone who starts Shiva worship first gets a strong hold on his senses. Then more and more gets unfolded in the path which leads to understanding the true essence of spirit. We are all parts of the same Shiva and to understand Him we need to see Him in every atom of the universe. I dont know much about kashmir shaivism. Im just a beginner. Hopefully i will see more of you and your experiences soon

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