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Thread: I Got a Tattoo Today!

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    I Got a Tattoo Today!


    I have been considering getting a tattoo for several months now. I never thought that I would get a tattoo, as I never knew anything that I would want permanently until I found this path.

    So here is a picture of the tattoo that I got. It is on my upper back, in case you can't tell from the picture. The act of getting the tattoo was in itself a form of tapas. I pictured Lord Shiva while it was being done and repeated the mantra silently to myself throughout the process.

    Thank you for letting me share.
    Om Namah Shivaya

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    Re: I Got a Tattoo Today!

    Thank you so much IcyCosmic! I am very happy with the way it turned out.
    Om Namah Shivaya

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    Re: I Got a Tattoo Today!

    Wow. Looks Cool!

    I mean, the tattoo has come out really perfect. I would have got a tattoo too, if I wasn't so terribly scared of needles. Well, now you're officially initiated into the Tribe of Shiva! You've got yourself a free ticket to Kailasa

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    Re: I Got a Tattoo Today!

    Namaste Fem,

    Not sure how I missed this, but wow, nice ink work! Especially on the lettering. Love it. =)

    What has Learning profited a man, if it has not led him to worship the good feet of Him who is pure knowledge itself?
    They alone dispel the mind's distress, who take refuge at the feet of the incomparable one.
    ~~Tirukural 2, 7

    Anbe Sivamayam, Satyame Parasivam

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