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Thread: Definitions starting with the letter: C

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    Definitions starting with the letter: C

    Definitions starting with the letter: C

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    catuSpAd (or catuSpad) means “quadruped”, “having made four steps or divided into four parts”, or “having four staffs or consisting of four processes”.

    pad means “to stand fast or fixed”, “to fall, fall down or out, or perish”, or “to go, resort or apply to, participate in, keep, or observe”.

    pad (or pAd) indicates “a foot, on foot, or sticking to the feet”, “a step”, or “a fourth part, a quarter or quadrant”.

    catuSpAd indicates a fourfold footing, stance, or foundation; four “outfalls” or expressions; four ways to go (and thus an intersection or crossing point); four resorts; four applications, modes of participation, or aspects of observance or appearance; four sites or four sights.

    catuSpAd indicates four feet or steps, or a fourth part of one whole ~ and thus four quarters or cardinal directions ~ the four corners and four pillars (or beams) ~ four rays of light that are considered as the feet of a heavenly body .

    pada indicates “a step, pace, or stride”, “a footstep, trace, vestige, mark, or the foot itself”, “a sign, token, or characteristic”, “a footing, standpoint, position, rank, station, site, abode, or home”, “a business affair, matter, object or cause of”, “a pretext”, or “a part, portion, or division” (e.g. ekapada, dvipada, tripada, catuSpada, etc.), “a square on a chess-board, a plot of ground, or the foot as a measure of length”, “a ray of light”, “a portion of a verse, quarter or line of a stanza”, “any one in a set of numbers, the sum of which is required”, or “a square root”.

    pada represents “a foot”, while pAda (more directly) represents “the foot”.

    pAda is “the foot (of men and animals)”, “the foot or leg of an inanimate object”, “a column or pillar”, “a wheel”, “a foot as a measure”, “the foot or root of a tree”, “the foot of a mountain, or a hill at the foot of a mountain”, “the base”, “a ray or beam of light (considered as the foot of a heavenly body)”, “a quarter, a fourth part (the fourth of a quadruped being one out of four)”, “the quadrant (of a circle)”, “a verse or line (as the fourth part of a regular stanza)”, or “the chapter of a book or section of a book consisting of four parts”.

    The collective plural pAdAH indicates “the four parts” (i.e. all things required for completion of the whole).

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