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Thread: Definitions starting with the letter: A

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    Definitions starting with the letter: A

    Hari Om
    Definitions starting with the letter: A

    This first entry is being entered at 9:11 AM Central time USA:
    Tithi is Krishna Asthami ( the 8th tithi in the dark half of the month), owned by Siva.
    The first entry must begin with the letter A. Why so?
    In the Bhagavad gita ( Chapt 10.33) Krsna says, aksaranam akarah asmi , of letters I am the letter A. We know without A, nothing can be sounded and is therefore the beginning of sound, as Krsna is the origin of all sound that resides in akasha ( space).

    To start off this Lexicon it is appropriate to start with and ask for a simple blessing of Sri Visnu, to insure that all the following entries breed success. It too starts with A.
    Apavitrah pavitrovaa sarvauvasthaam gatopivaa
    yahsmareth pundareekoaksham bahynabhyantarah shuchih
    This says, if one is pure or impure, or whether all places are permeated by purity or impurity, whoever opens himself/herself up to the lotus-eyed Lord ( that is, the expanded vision of unbounded awareness, the Infinite Purusha) one gains inner and outer purity.

    Om Atha atah ( now then or therefore let us begin)
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    Advaita - 'not two' from a or 'not' and dvatia 'dual or two'. This term defines the non-duality of Brahman. All this is One , Tad Ekam or That One. Advaita Vedanta (Vedanta is the end of the ved or the conclusion) adopts the postion of absolute non-duality, that nirguna (without atributes) Brahman and saguna ( with attrbutes) are one homogeneous Being.
    Discussion: Our experience of 'many' is routed in ignorance. What ignorance? That we have not unfolded our true SELF and reside there 7x24x365 days a year. Thus the journey begins for the SELF, Isvara, and Adrsya.
    References: To be entered
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    Re: Definitions starting with the letter: A

    Aranyakas: “forest books” derived from aranya (forest). Aranyakas are theological treatises appended to each Veda. Traditionally, the Aranyakas along with the Upanishads form the jnana-kanda (knowledge section) of the Vedas.

    Discussion: The Aranyakas are called forest books because they contain teachings of sages unto their disciples in a forest retreat environment, possibly in the third stage of life, when a person is to live as a forest-dweller (vanaprastha). There are various Aranyaka books appended to different Vedas. In the scheme of the Vedic canon, the Aranyakas form the third set of texts naturally following the Brahmanas (ritualistic texts). The Aranyaka texts contain many prayers, elaboration on Vedic ritual, esotery and mysticism, and sometimes end with an Upanishad. The Taittiriya Aranyaka of the Krishna Yajurveda is especially famous as many prayers used in Hindu temple rituals are derived from this text.


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    Post Re: Definitions starting with the letter: A


    cyuta means “moved or shaken”, “gone away from, deviated from, or flying away from”, and thus “failing an aim”; or “expelled from, come forth from, streaming forth from, dropped from, deprived of, destitute of, free of, abandoned by, disappeared, or vanished”. cyuta means “morally sunk” or “divided”. And cyuta means “fallen from or fallen” ~ especially “fallen from any divine existence to be re-born as a man”.

    So that acyuta (i.e. a-cyuta) means “not fallen”, and thus “firm, solid, imperishable, or permanent”.

    acyuta is “unmoved, unshaken, attractive, unerring, unforsaken, unfailing, impelling, contained, content, prosperous, satisfied, unborn, inborn, appearing, manifest, risen, uplifting, undivided, and immortal”.

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