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Thread: Tantric hinduism??

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    Tantric hinduism??

    Namaste all!

    Hope everyone's great!

    I just heard about tantric. Can anyone explain this to me?

    I'm curious..

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    Re: Tantric hinduism??


    You don't have a computer....yet you can post in this forum?
    You don't have transportation to visit a mandir.
    You want to become a Hindu but have no one to talk to and no books to read.
    Yet you 'just heard about tantra" - from who?
    And you are not capable of doing a search in the forum for topics of interest to you?
    Ahem! anything else you want to disclose about yourself?

    In the meantime,

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    Re: Tantric hinduism??

    Sorry!! I use a cell phone.

    Can't do much reading on here.

    I saw a picture of a tantric hindu holy man on Yahoo.

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    Re: Tantric hinduism??

    Well, if I may say so, 'tantra' is a way to dissociate from worldly things and search and arrive at spiritual truth.
    "Paropakaram punyaya, papaya parapeedanam."
    (Helping others is merit, causing pain is sin)

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