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Thread: Kindly pray for my well being....

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    Kindly pray for my well being....

    Dear Satay,

    If this prayer request is NOT adhering to the rules of HDF, Kindly forgive me and delete this thread.

    Dear HDF,

    My chances of survival is very bleak beyond this month. I am pushed against the wall in all respect. I have no where to go, and have tried out everything that was within my reach.

    When the end is more or less imminent and you are approaching to it steadily, the helplessness takes a toll on ones faith. My faith in Shree Raama Chandra Prabhu is also tearing apart. I don't understand how long HE would continue to test my faith, after all me a human who needs occasional motivations.

    I know for sure HE is very much around me, silently observing me. But I don't understand why HE is punishing me continuously? I plead forgiveness and grace through this thread.

    May I request everyone of you to pray that HE be gentle even while punishing me.

    May I request everyone of you pray that HE forgives my knowingly and unknowingly committed sins.

    May I request everyone of you pray that HE graces me with a means to survive.

    I sincerely hope to follow this thread beyond this month.

    Thanks in advance for your prayers....

    Jai Shree Raama Chandra Prabhu

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    Dear Anirudh ,
    you can take any liberty with Ishtadevatha .When you are pushed to the wall you can even fight . When you fight in desparation he will defintels come to you . Try that .I am giving this out of my personal experience .Ishta devatha is the self personified and manifestation according to our thoughts . There are no set rules to approah him or her . Bhakthi is over flowing love and trust .It is not submissiveness , pleading or crying. It is demanding with right . Yes . Its true . Best wishes .

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    Anirudh ji,

    I hope and pray to bhagvan that you be sound and well.
    I don't know much about you or your condition, yet I can say this one thing that Ram ji wouldn't bother what our mental worries keep throwing at us.

    One can be mentally angry- even abusive of bhagvan, but the real connection with Him isn't on this plane.

    Yet, the relation is clearly here, I've noticed that in your interactions here on HDF. So, the only thing to remember is that bhagvan will be there when we least expect Him to be.

    If anything, try bring your Bhakti to the worries, instead of bringing the worries to your bhakti.

    Sometimes bhagvan sends His dūta Hanuman to us. I do pray He does, and then Hanuman ji takes away your woes.

    You are, as I know, a patriotic human and no doubt an excellent family person. But there is really no need to worry about these, for there is a predestined path which no one, no power, can change.

    Shri Ram,
    Things to remember:

    1. Life = yajña
    2. Depth of Āstika knowledge is directly proportional
    to the richness of Sanskrit it is written in
    3. Āstika = Bhārata ("east") / Ārya ("west")
    4. Varṇa = tripartite division of Vedic polity
    5. r = c. x²
    r = realisation
    constant c = intelligence
    variable x = bhakti

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    Namaste Anirudh ji,
    I will pray for you with true heart tommorow when I am more connected to god..
    Now I am littel disturbed so I don't know eigher I understand ur thread or not, but it gives me solution of my problem so thank you...
    Is you feel disconnected from ur ishta devta, if yes then don't panic as its normal its happen to me also for very long period of 1 year, but you have to break this disconection and again exeperiencing what you exeperienced before, that devotion, bliss, power, satisfaction, truth, purity and many more things.. Are you getting my point
    this feeling of helplesness and disconnection of god can be break in one moment or it takes years, it depends upon you, maybe you will become all right before reading saswathy ji n my reply.
    This feeling is created by mind and this feeling is not true, everything is all right but ur mind makes it complicated..
    Sometimes some people do any sin or any thing which they don't like or even they don't do any progress in their spiritual path at that time Due to their intense devotion of god and very high desire of going forward towards him and meet him, merge into him. they don't like their past behaviour and think that god may angry on them. they think they are going farther from god. At that time they waste their time in blaming self and thinking of pachyatap, so their mind puts obstacle that god is not connected to them and this leads to the sorrows, misery and so much negative things. I don't know ur reason of disconnection to prabhu ram.
    But the only way to conquer this is removing this obstacle and forget everything, just assume everything is normal then pray, talk to god whole heartly, give as much time as possible to god, then every moment with him gives you knowlege, devotion and you will feel that bliss again.
    Lastly I want to say-
    Fallen flowers can't climb back but if root is strong you can expect the new flowers, so dont think about past, just enjoy present and live for the future..!!
    Pranam and Thank You!
    And god will give u everything u want!
    Aasato ma sat gamay
    tamaso ma jotirgamay
    mrityorma amrutamgamay
    (Bring me from asat to sat, bring me from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge), bring me from death to immortality)
    Om Namah Shivay
    Om Vishnave Namah

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    Namaste Anirudh,

    What is so disturbing to you ? Why do you think that you are not going to survive ? Are you suffering from any serious illness ? Are you in financial trouble ?

    Your post is not clear. Can you elaborate ? If not on openly then my be through a pm ??

    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    Namaste Anirudh,

    I'm with Devotee on this one...I want to pray for you, but with your post as unclear and scary as it is, there is not much I can do. Is there some way we can help that's more than prayer?

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    Dear Anirudh,

    I have offered my prayer for you.
    Do you know where your God is ? He is the Still Presence behind your eyes. The Eye of the Eye --- Awareness.
    God is the sense of "I AM".

    I would suggest two simple chants:
    1. Dakshinamurthi Stotram, knowing its meaning.
    Chant is available online in youtube.

    2. Hanuman Chalisa.
    Chant Hanuman Chalisa every day. And as you chant, meditate on Hanuman ... to gain that strength. Imagine that you are Hanuman ... Imitate him -- emulation is the best way to learn. And chant Hanuman Chalisa.

    You, on your part, please become strong. Take courage to stare at the face of death. I know its not easy... but mentally tell yourself that. These two stotras should be of aid.

    Come up, O Lions, and shake off the delusion that you are a sheep

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    Dear all,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I can't express beyond what I have said earlier.

    Shree Raama Chandra Prabhu is completely aware of my present conditions (HE is omnipresent) and also the solutions to them. Every spiritual literature on Shreeman Naaraayana I have read till date, says, if HE decides, will resolve issues at the snap of the finger.

    I am not afraid of any dire consequences.

    I am not saying out of arrogance but know for sure, that this thread will stand as an epitome of one devotee's faith. It is all about my unrelenting faith and relationship with my friend Shree Raama Chandra Prabhu...Like saswathy has mentioned HE has no other choice other than listening to my plea.

    I shall share my experiences with Shree Raama Chandra Prabhu in my future communication.

    Thanks again for all the kind words. Kindly pray for my well being.

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    namaste Anirudh,
    See you here next month and for many years after that.

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    Re: Kindly pray for my well being....

    I hope when all is said and done you come out of this experience a stronger and more complete version of yourself.

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