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Thread: Natural products you use

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    Re: Natural products you use

    Namaste all,

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I will look into all of them.
    I have another ailment, ever since I had chicken pox a few years ago my back has been terrible, the scars remain and new spots keep popping up. They are usually big and hurt too. It is annoying to no avail! Does anyone have tips for this? I also have eczema and skin depigmentation (caused by chinese medicine many years ago) on the back of my neck.

    Have any of you tried Reishi tea? I've heard its phenomenal!


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    Re: Natural products you use

    Soap nuts, hibiscus powder, henna is perfect solutions for me for my long hair. Not only it cleans hair but also gives a shiny and healthy look.

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    Re: Natural products you use

    Namaste to all,

    For underarm deodorant, I use Thai Stone. It lasts around five years per stone, and it works for me. I still use standard shampoo and conditioner, but I only wash my hair once a week, while doing quick showers every day.
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    Re: Natural products you use

    Actually, one of the products I have literally been using almost my entire life is Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap!


    Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Palm Kernel Oil*, Organic Olive Oil*, Mentha Arvensis, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Mentha Piperita, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

    .... and I love reading all the words on the label. And it smells great!

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    Re: Natural products you use

    I uses ayurvedic products for most of my health issues and its worked very well. I'm taking Natures Velvet Guduchi, a herbal supplements for digestion

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    Re: Natural products you use

    Colloidal oatmeal and green tea extract for my skin health, coconut oil for health of my eyebrows, eyelashes and hair (especially for my eyebrows, they are really thin and I actually have to tint my eyebrows at least once a fortnight). And I've started looking into products that can help me stay concentrated during workout. Read a few article about shilajit. So I'm thinking about trying that one. But if anyone had experience with this resin, your feedback is welcomed ))

    Would also appreciate if anyone could help me with choosing right dosage of shilajit. Here it says the dosage is 250-500 mg but how does one calculates the right one based on their weight and life style????
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