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Your statement has merit and that requires a good solution. Since you don't care about someone agreement for your faith and belief, how or what makes you believe in anyone's advertisement or verdict that you don't get liberation? Why are you choosing their own style when you disagree and feel uncomfortable with such approach in first place? You are not very different and you are repeating and committing same mistake isn't?

Because while people might disagree on the looser ends of the spiritual thread the core reality remains the same. The fact that God doesnt have a form and is one worshipped by different faiths according to different cultural impacts goes along well with my line of thought and also commonsense. Second thing is i have Krishna backing me up when i talk of non duality. And since no where has it been mentioned to differentiate between hari and hara i feel supremely vindicated. While different philosophers might give their own inputs no where in puranas has it been mentioned to differentiate between Hari and Hara. While philosophies are subject to change i dont think core scriptures are. So while people who talk of differentiation between souls get their support not from vedanta but from bhashyas i get my support from both vedanta and bhasyas. So if i mention people who differentiate between Them go to hell that is from a scripture but when you say they dont its your pov and the pov of the philosopher. So i am asking a simple question. To all people who differentiate between souls show me one quote that fortifies your statement from the puranas or vedas or anything else. Dont show me quotes where shiva worships vishnu or vishnu worships shiva because they worshipping each other doesnt give us a right to call either demigods. So i want an explicit statement which asks us to differentiate between Them just like how i showed you explicit statements that prescribe hell to those who do.