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Thread: What am I?

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    Re: What am I?

    Reading further into the intro book;

    Krishna said to Arjuna:
    “Brahman appears to have the qualities of all the senses, and yet is without any of the
    senses. Brahman is unattached, and yet supports all. He is free of all the guṇas of
    Prakriti even while enjoying them all. He is without and within all beings. He is unmoving and also moving. He is too subtle to be perceived with the senses. He is far and yet He is near. He is indivisible and yet He seems to be divided among beings. He should be known as the nourisher of all creatures, as well as their Devourer and also as their Creator afresh. He is the Light of lights, devoid of all darkness. He is the Knowledge, the Object of all Knowledge and the Goal of all Knowledge. He is seated in the hearts of all." Gita 13.14‐17

    What stood out at me is this paragraph, and especially, "He is too subtle to be perceived with the senses." I believe that is what causes the vague sense of awareness that I have. I have always been able to feel this all my life. It is right there, just outside my reach. I know it's there, but ahhh! I can't quite reach it.

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    Re: What am I?


    Quote Originally Posted by deafAncient View Post
    What would be wrong with staying on the path of Jñana or Karma yogas?
    Acharyas point out that Bhakti yoga and Gyan yoga complement each other. But if you can influence others only through Gyan yoga, that is fine with me, And I understand your dilemma about temple visits/deity worship/ritual performances.

    At a personal level, I think of Karma Yoga to be the outgrowth of every other effort. When one progresses to the level where one can rise above oneself and render 'seva' to others, is the sign of fructification of all awareness raising efforts.

    It is right there, just outside my reach
    The feelings of helplessness/torture/being unfulfilled that 'that situation' creates are enormous. I am reminded of these feelings with Solieri when he could see how simple and within his grasp the music created by Amadeus was, but he himself could not create it - vision to appreciate a scene in all its majesty without the ability to create that scene.


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    Re: What am I?

    Namaste deafAncient,

    The sense of awareness is there because you are That (Consciousness). Senses are created with the defect that that can sense only outward i.e. what it is not. The problem in sensing Oneself is that "I" is trying to sense "I" i.e. Itself/myself and for that the senses are not designed. That is why the Upanishads say, "From where the mind turns back" (Kena Upanishad). Mind is the king of all sense-organs i.e. all organs reside in and are dependent on mind. So, the sense organs cannot sense the Self.

    Actually, the real spiritual journey starts with shutting off the noises gathered and created by our sense organs by going within ourselves ... staying within the peace within and enjoying It. That way, spiritually, you have one thing in advantage i.e. noises won't be able to disturb you as much as they do to common people. I think shutting off noises would be much easier for you and therefore, it should be easier to meditate.

    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: What am I?


    Namaste Stephenie.

    We are all having some proportion of Bhakti, Karma and Gyana yoga attributes. The proportion varies fro person to person and thus their manifestation. Neither it prevents one to move ahead in spiritual path. Again the proportion varies with experience and as one moves along the path. One starts at one point and ends at another and through various lives one moves on the path.

    However the TRUTH can be approached in many ways of manifestation. TRUTH is one, but different scholars, rishis, munis, great saints, and us mere mortals describe or try to describe it in different ways based on the understanding of the knowledge, societal knowledge level, scientific knowledge level, societal culture, etc. That is why the explanation of the Bhagavat Gita by different people of different times have brought in different ways to look at the same TRUTH.

    I, as scientist, will understand it in a different way than a lawyer or a banker or a mathematician or a novelist, etc. It is upon the individual to understand the TRUTH in their way. Some understand through rituals, some through multiple gods, some through one god, some through no god, etc, etc. they all are in the different points (from different sides) of the same journey towards the top of the mountain.

    For me, as scientist, I look at it like we look at this gross world. All what we know (perceived through our 5 senses) are born out of energy, run by energy and will end in energy. But again what brought energy together to create the physical universe (big bang) ? what is beyond this physical world ? As of now we know it is the subtle world and consciousness, where consciousness is the substratum.

    So as in gross world, I can extrapolate and say all are out of consciousness, run by consciousness and will end in consciousness.

    All physical entities have all three (gross, subtle and consciousness). The sense of "I" is the proof of consciousness. Mind is there - subtle body. Body itself is gross.

    Knowing self or "what am I" is all what we need to know, It is the Master of Knowledge. Rest all knowledge is subset to that.
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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