Namaste Ji,

In one of the recent posts a reference was required from the Vedas.I found the reference in the Aranyaka portion.

Later when I was checking the old posts in HDF under the Upanishad & Aranyaka sub-forum,in one of the posts Yajvan Ji said:

For those with a burning desire to understand the finer points of this position (seen vs. heard portions of vid) consider the difference between the kṛṣṇa yajur ved and the śukla yajur ved - one will come to recognise the difference between mantra-draṣtāraḥ and mantra-smartāraḥ.

I remembered about a book I read many years ago.In this book it said that in the Krishna Yajur Veda,the Samhita portion is mixed with the Brahmana portion and I felt the author was trying to hint something negative about the KYV.I am not sure but I think Yajvan Ji is also trying to convey something regarding the same issue(*I do not mean Yajvan Ji is trying to say something negative about the KYV).

That author also said only Samhita/Mantra portion is the actual Veda and others(Brahmana,Aranyaka,Upanishad) are not technically Veda.

I have some doubts,I request learned members to clarify.

1.Samhita is a collection of Vedic mantras,right?

2.When I quoted from the Aranyaka(actually it is a Upanishad & is considered to be a part of the Aranyaka),the said hymn had accents.Since it had Vedic accents(swara) I felt it must be a mantra and therefore is Veda.But it seems some Pandiths do not consider Brahmanas,Aranyakas and Upanishads as mantras/Veda.Is this true?If yes,then can the three be called as Vedas or given the same status of Veda Samhita/Mantra.I request unbiased views here and I am not questioning the contents,knowledge or validity of the Upanishads.I just want to know.

4.How did Brahmana portion mix with mantras in the case of KYV and what happens(happened) when it is mixed?

5.Do Brahmana,Aranyaka,Upanishad hymns have swaras like the Veda mantras?If they are not Vedas,how did their contents get swaras?

6.What is the difference between
mantra-draṣtāraḥ and mantra-smartāraḥ?

I know I asked too many questions but please answer them.Thanks.