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Regarding Abraham - God stopped him before he killed his son and an animal was sacrificed instead.
The sacrifice of a child must have a deep archaic meaning. It is part of many, may be of all culture's myths and tales. Hindu scriptures are no exception ... but Hindu scriptures are dignified, Christian scriptures are crude. Hindu scriptures aim heaven, Christian scriptures aim hell. Hindu scriptures convey wisdom, Christian scriptures convey fear.

There are some stories I just remember.

Shiva killed his son, Ganesha. After that He was foremost, to be worshipped prior to Shiva.

Chiruthonda Nayanar

The sage (Shiva) who claimed to come from the north said the food He wanted was very difficult to prepare. He wanted a life to be cooked that too a human in the age not exceeding five, having no physical impairments, should be the only child for the family and the child‘s parents should cook it happily! The devotee with uncomparable dedication said there is nothing in the world that is impossible to achieve for the devotees. Saluting Him he came back home. … The devotee told his wife the type of food the sage asked for. They decided to cook their loving young son for the devotee to have food. … With the mother holding the child‘s hands and legs, the child enjoying their great deed, father cut his head and did the unimaginable deed … Removing the head considering it would not be good for feast the loving mother cooked the rest with other food materials.

King Harishchandra from Aitareya Brahmana - VII.3.

Narada then told him: ‚Go and beg of Varuna, the king, that he might favour you with the birth of a son (promising him at the same time) to sacrifice to him this son when born.’ He went to Varuna, the king, praying: ‚Let a son be born to me, I will sacrifice him to thee.‘ Then a son, Rohita by name, was born to him. Varuna said to him: ‚A son is born to thee, sacrifice him to me.‘

Madhyamavyayoga by Bhasa, where a family is to give a son for sacrifice.

Scour the forest for a human being and bring him to me, she has ordered. I was doing as she bid and searching the forest, when I saw you. You said you want to be released. Well, I’ll release you. Take your noble wife, take two of your sons, and go wherever you please. But you must leave behind one of your sons.
There is a discussion between the three sons starting at page 23 about who should be sacrificed


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