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Thread: Message from unknown

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    Message from unknown

    Hi folks, i am new to this forum. I actually became member of this forum to discuss about these channeled messages. So here is my story.
    I am from russia so english is not my strong language so forgive me for bad grammer. I am currently staying in indonesia due to my family business. I was not a spiritual type of person but i was curious about eastern religions and their ways. So i started to read from internet on how to do meditation, contact spirit, channeling etc. after some time i tried to contact spirits during meditation but i failed obviously. but at the age of 14 i started to hear voices in my head. At begining i was so scared just by hearing these voices. My parents took me to the psychiatrists for treatments but the voices keep getting strong. At first these voices were like unclear whisperings, nothing was making sense at that time. Then i started to feel someone standing right beside me constantly. I cant see someone but i knew there was always something lurking. After few months one night i woke up by a sudden jerk. As i woke up my mind was trembled by the voice, it was clear now but by just hearing it my whole body shuddered. Its like turning on a vibrator in your body.
    The first words were " hear me". I was so scared to hear something like that. The presence of someone invisible was suddenly stong at that time. The voice keep saying that many times. Each time it was sounding more impatient than before. After i muster some courage i tried spoke to whoever tried to speak me, i cried out " who are you"(strangely that voice was speaking in russian and english randomly) no response!!!. All voices stopped, so i thought maybe it stopped on its own but just after few seconds i star to hear again the same voices. Now the voice spoke " you finally heard me, xxxxxx(my name)", the conversation after that is below(all is in russian and some times even in english, and i recreated it since i dont remember it now, it is not accurate, and its a recreation)

    Part 1

    Me- who are you? What do you want?

    Voice- who am i? Why do i tell you?and to tell you what i want is...worthless.

    Me- leave me alone, you (curses).

    Voice- you shouldnt used that language, i am not your slave (curses).

    Me- stop speaking to me, get out!!!

    Voice- never, i will never leave you. You are the only one who can converse with me.

    Me- get out now, go talk with someone else.

    Voice- you dont order me, how dare you order me!!

    Me- you are a ghost, get out.

    Voice- thats true, i am a ghost.

    Me- then leave me, dont speak to me.

    (I felt a pressure on my chest, it was like someone put a hand on it)

    Me-dont touch me(curses)

    Voice-listen fool, i am attached to you, you called me.

    Me- i never called anyone, you (curses).

    Voice- (curses) i am asking you to not use that language or i will kill you

    Me- you cant kill me, or you would have already done it.

    Voice - thats not true, i can kill you but i prefer not. You called me when you did that foolish thing what do you call it meditation. You were so (curses) to call spirits in this way. See what you have done, you called me. Now i cant leave you, i want to ensure my salvation. I need you.
    Me- what do you mean, when i did meditation i called you?

    Voice- yes, you concentrated on calling out spirits but you were not specific. As for me i picked your call.

    Me- then why cant you leave?

    Voice- i can leave you if i want but then it will be like wasting a beautiful opportunity.

    Me- if you can leave then leave now, go find someone else.

    Voice- you are ordering me again, it not that easy, people call out to spirits, sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. The connection between the spirit and the caller is severed when the caller end his process. But as for you it didnt since you didnt know anything about it.

    Me- but what do you want with me?

    Voice- nothing physically.

    Me- then why do you want to attach with me?

    Voice- because i want to move on from this world but there is no one who can do that for me. You will be the tool for me to ensure i will go to the next phase.

    Me- tool!!! You dare use me, i will throw you out myself no matter what i have to do.

    Voice- sad, very sad. You will throw me out.(laugh) thats just laughable. To throw a spirit out of someone body or house requires an above average power. There is no one in 100 mile radius can do that. Hold.... There is no one in this whole country could do that.

    Me- you are lying. There are churches here in my area.i will go to priest and with their help i will make you leave.

    Voice- when i told you there is no one strong enough to do that i meant true.

    The priest in (describing name of church) cant do it since he dont know how to remove ghost from his own house. Yes he has a spirit in his house. And he is searching for how to get rid of it. You should know there is no one here will help you except me.

    Me- what nonsense you are not here to help me. You want something else. You are descieving me.

    Voice - i want something else. But i can help you if you want. Depth of My wisdom is too deep. No one can reach that kind of wisdom in his whole life. I am ready to give it to you on one condition. Just accept me in your mind and soul as your teacher and everything will be fine.

    Me- i dont believe you. You are tricking me into giving my minds control to you. I have saw films where ghost possess the people.

    Voice- possession is not my style. Have you not heard of ear ghosts. If you have not then find it. I dont posseess someone. It is not a descent way to get what you wanted. I am not tricking you, nor i want your body. My offer was to give you my wisdom inturn you giving me a teachers license. So simple...maybe not.

    Me- why do you want my permission to do that. You can talk with me anyway and there is no stopping you.

    Voice- planting what i want to say to you costs more energy. I am not very keen on wasting it. If you accept me as you teacher i will not force you to do anything. I will use something else to communicate with you. I will even leave you alone if you like.

    Imagine wisdom far grater than anything in this world. Ask me anything, any secrets about anything. I will tell you.
    Me- you are bluffing, ghost dont know anything thats why they are ghost. I have read that ghost are those whose some wishes are not completed. Thats why they are stuck

    Voice- so does that change anything. I am not going anywhere. Its you who has to decide. Its either a wisdom or torment. Both are your choices.

    Me- give me some time.

    Voice- 24 hours. Same time tomorrow.

    Me- you will not disturb me in mean time.

    Voice- stop ordering me. I will not accept any of your commands. I gave you 24 hours. Nothing more.

    Then the voice stopped.
    As my parents are atheist if i would have told them about this i think i might have ended up in mental asylum. So next day i visited a church to see if he really was telling truth. I met with the priest that the voice described earlier. I asked him about ghosts and gradually discussion came on the hauntings. Then priest himself told me about the hauntings in his house. So it was true what he said. When i was just leaving church i heard the voice again and i was shocked to see that he can come in church.

    Voice- checking the claims now are you?

    Me- how can you come in church.

    Voice- why not, does church stop someone from coming here?

    Me- you are a ghost, you cant be here?

    Voice- there is no way this church can stop me from coming here. This church contains very low energy. Very less people come here often. Thats why there is relatively low energy here.

    Me- so that means you can come in any church and other religious places?

    Voice- yes, but where there is higher energy i cant pull off this telepathy. My powers wont work in higher energy places.

    After that no response. At night when deadline ended the ghost spoke again

    Voice- what did you decide?
    Me- since youre going to behave as a leech no matter what i do, i will accept your offer. Just one condition that you wont try to possess me.
    Voice- you dont have to worry about that. Now just accept me as your guide and everything will be allright.

    I did what he told me, i closed my eyes and thought about the voice and me giving him the position of guide. I did that for like 10 minutes but i didnt know it worked or not. After like an hour i heard the voice again but it was not in my mind it was from near my right ear. It was like someone was speaking in my ear. I was so shocked to experience something like that.

    Voice- now you know why i called myself ear ghost. We talk in the ears of our contractee. Before i was not able to make a connection with you, so i had to plant my thoughts in your mind but now when you accepted me as your teacher you gave me that connection. Now i am completely attached with you.

    Me- you tricked me, you just wanted to torment me. You are evil.

    Voice- there is no evil. And it was a harmless deception. Now i can tell you about my real objective. We ghosts or spirits or whatever you call us are not always bound to your plane. When a person dies his soul/conciousness releases from the body. Now the soul gets to go to the different 10 planes. These are different dimensions. The souls who have not accumulated enough energy find himself stuck in last dimension which is closer to your plane. To pass the 10th plane you have to have a specific amount of energy. Fortunately when i died i did have more energy than the specified amount but i trapped here but thats a different story, or i cant tell you now...i cant decide it.

    Me- what are you? you want to release from this plane to go higher isnt it? So you want help of me, and the only way you are going to do this by sucking my energy arent you?

    Voice- you are right about sucking energy. I want your energy to free myself but let me tell you a concept.

    Me- go to hell, i am not going to let you take my energy

    Voice- stop babbling, you can not do anything about it now. But i will make it upto you by giving you the wisdom.

    Me- are you insane why i would want your (curses)wisdom. Get the (curses) out of here.

    Suddenly i felt a sharp pressure on my forearm. The skin where i felt the pressure was turned red.

    Voice- i dont like when someone disrespect me you (curses) child. I would have break your hand if i wished. So beware of me while speaking with me.

    Me- you manipulated me ,how can i trust you?

    Voice- you dont have an option. I lost a bunch of energy while grabbing your arm. It means i will have to suck more of your energy. Stop making me angry.

    Me- do as you please, but dont expect me to be your slave. I will not follow your orders if thats what you want.

    Voice- i dont want to give orders. Its not my style. I am more of an angel than ghost.

    Me- you and angel, then i am god.

    Voice- maybe you are fully right this time.

    Me- what do you mean

    Voice- nothing. Do you want to know why i stucked?

    Next part i will shortly post. I am doing this because it was someones wish.

    To be continued.......

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Dear Null Void,


    Let me try to help out here.

    The pressure on the chest feeling and waking up with a jerk is called Sleep Paralysis.

    It is a transient phase where the mind has woken up but the body has not yet fully woken up.

    When we are asleep..our body becomes "paralyzed" so that we dont act out our dreams.When we wake this paralysis goes off.

    But for some individuals the mind wakes up first and then the body wakes up slightly later..a short lag of a few seconds mostly you feel unable to move for a while and the a pressure feeling on the chest and many people mistake this for some ghost jumping on our chest!

    Now the weird thing that time one could actually have an over lap of the dream state and the awake state and that is when one starts to see images and hears voices..believe me it can be scary..I know what you mean because I too get this on and off.

    Sometimes when we wake up in a jerk..we can see a huge black hole in front of us.This is called the Hypnagogue state where one can hear and see stuff and those who know how to control this use this state for creative thinking.

    This can be really scary for a person who does not know what he is seeing.

    As a teen I used to get this and even till now especially when I am too tired.

    Also if one sleeps on the back lying flat with face up this happens more.

    When you sleep on your side it rarely or almost never happens.

    But I have to say that medically they have no answers why the images or voices heard at times can be scary when there is an over lap of the dream and awaken state.

    Now this phenomenon of seeing images and hearing voices can last even up to 30 minutes in some people.

    When I become a doctor and read about this I was relieved that I was not insane!LOL

    Now with that knowledge in my head I started to think lets experiment a little more.

    When I got this seeing black holes in wall and hearing voices while asleep I refuse to let the images go in my mind and then I feel one can hear some voices beyond the hole.

    Let me share with you that these conversations can be scary..yes its like what you said..its confusing at times what you hear..almost slightly evil at times.

    Then I realized that may be sleep paralysis has something to do with slight ability with the person to tap into the lesser and lower realms which harbor some evil entities.

    Becos even medically those who have sleep paralysis never report hearing or seeing anything divine.

    I came to my unproven conclusion that what we see is not really real but a temporary illusion which could have some input from the lower realms.

    So please ignore what you see..change your sleep not try to contact any thing from anywhere..never do this because is you open up a portal by chance you could be in deep trouble.

    Never trust all messages you hear.

    BTW not many psychiatrist actually address the phenomenon and hence no one could have understood what you experienced.

    take are perfectly normal and please ignore those voices.

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Dear friend ,
    what you have experienced is a part of your subconscious mind. Some times the sub conscious , normal conscious and super conscious stages get overlapped and the confusion ensued makes you to experience many weird ideas and images . Have dinner atleast three hours before sleep , listen to the music of some nature's sounds , or the sound of waves of ocean or some Arabian soul stirring music. You will become very calm and peaceful . The voice you heard is your own inner voice of baser inner instinct brewed by the influence of all the horror movies and novels.

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    Re: Message from unknown


    Cool story, brother. Why don't you write a book?


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    Re: Message from unknown

    Namaste Null-void,

    Your narrative is interesting and makes sense, so please continue with the write. In Hindu texts and practices, for example, we do have entities such as these- one name is karna-pishachini who is said to be a female Yaksha.

    In your case too it happens to be a Yaksha, far one can tell. They are not necessarily evil (same as humans), but as seen from human standpoint they may seem to possess "superhuman" abilities.

    Ascension of soul requires a "northwards" movement, but there are many who take a short cut "the southward"- out of ingnorance may be- (some Advaitins come to my mind) and in the end they get stuck in a place where they can see Light only from a distance- as if separated by a thick glass wall- but cannot become one with it. (Without Bhakti, Action and Yagya what is possible?)

    The key to the "glass barrier" lies in the hands of a Vedic God who will never give it to such souls.

    Finally, better to overcome the frequencies of such beings with the frequencies of our own sādhanā, of Śrī Hanumān.
    Things to remember:

    1. Life = yajña
    2. Depth of Āstika knowledge is directly proportional
    to the richness of Sanskrit it is written in
    3. Āstika = Bhārata ("east") / Ārya ("west")
    4. Varṇa = tripartite division of Vedic polity
    5. r = c. x²
    r = realisation
    constant c = intelligence
    variable x = bhakti

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Hello dear one, please I beg of you for a moment.

    This voice is your internal voice. One of many.

    This can only stop if you know this in your heart.

    It's a sort of Tourettes syndrome. But, instead of acting out by speaking the words, you simply hear it playing in your head.

    I wondered if you are having a vegan diet?

    Because severe cases of B12 deficiency bring about neurological conditions such as this.

    And you can have physical symptoms, like being stabbed in the heart or body...and not being able to sleep or being woken up. The sounds generally start inside your head and then migrate out to the right ear.

    The reason for this is because the wires of your brain have a covering which depletes during Vitamin B12 deficiency. So things you are thinking in the background of your mind, touch the auditory wires as the symptoms get worse. Making those thoughts become audible.

    Electric signals in your brain will become audible when connected to those auditory wires.

    Please be advised that I am not a doctor, only know sincerely, with every bit of my heart what this truly is.

    Please go to a doctor, an actual physician, not a psychiatrist. Ask them to do blood work and a CAT scan.

    Then, if all of these things check out, then go to other, more unusual answers such a demonic/ghosts.

    But, if this is B12 deficiency, it is totally curable. You can have me, spend a few months on vitamin therapy...and you will have peace.

    Remember, we create our reality here...and truly believing in such things, will actually cause them to manifest.

    Only think goodly things, as best you can.

    Hugs, dear One, hugs and hugs...and I will pray for you if you could give me a name you go by.

    Be Well. <3

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Hello, as I was praying for you I was reminded of this goodly Truth.
    If you do not hold fast to the reins of this beast, you will be at the mercy of the beast you are riding upon.

    You must always remain tightly in control of it, or it will run wild.

    Beloved Lord Krishna was strong, balanced, courageous, and full attention upon His chariot. Much to learn from everything He, not only said, but did here. Even what seems to be a task, or a duty, turns into a thousand lessons.

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    Re: Message from unknown

    hariḥ oṁ

    IMHO the story in post 1 has captured many HDF member's interest. All wish to come to the rescue , a noble thing no doubt, yet I have not heard Null void ask for help or direction. Nor do I think anyone (especially me) are qualified ( mildly or well qualified) to assist.

    This arena of action is a very touchy place and it will be prudent to minimize the ~ stimulation~ that may or can occur here. This is not my recommendation but comes to us by way of patañjali’s yogadarśana.

    ... as always, do as you see fit.

    iti śivaṁ
    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: Message from unknown

    Namaste N&V,

    The story is interesting. You can be a good writer.

    People have offered you many advices. So, why should I be behind ??

    See, I won't deny that this can be a disembodied soul trying to get your help. However, certain things are not clear here :

    a) The entity is talking of using "your" energy. What energy ? The physical energy and mental energy won't work here, if you are really interacting with a disembodied soul. No soul can use other's spiritual energy but you can certainly use your spiritual energy to help someone. So, entity's claim that he will use your energy without your permission is not correct. It can't be.

    b) The entity claims that there is no one in your country who can control that entity. It can't be true. If it was so powerful, it wouldn't have got stuck at the lowest plane in spite of its wish to get out of here. So, that is another thing which indicates that it is not really an disembodied soul.

    c) Why don't you talk to this entity in friendly manner and ask it to prove that it is really a ghost with extraordinary powers. You can ask it to prove its claim by moving something in the room when someone else too is present. Presence of someone else is important because your affected mind can deceive you into believing something which never actually happened.

    d) There is nothing more powerful than "mind" in this whole universe. So, have full faith in power of your mind.

    i) Focus on anything which you consider God or Guru with a peaceful mind in peaceful surroundings, better in a Church or a temple. Invoke presence of God/Guru and try to communicate with Him with all your heart. Chant the name of God/Guru with full reverence and full faith. =====> This will bring to you the spiritual energy of God/Guru to your help. Have no doubts. Doubts weaken and can fully block the intensity of such energy.

    ii) Increase your spiritual powers by helping the poor, working selflessly for the people who are in need. This includes the ghost which is with you. Talk to him so that you can help him out. Chant, meditate and help the needy to increase the spiritual powers within you. Then invoke God and Gurus to help you in helping the ghost. Imagine that the disembodied soul is sitting in front of you (you can ask him to sit in front of you) and visualise that you are accumulating all the positive energy and the grace of God/Gurus ... imagine strongly that you are passing this energy to the disembodied soul so that his negative karmas are getting burnt in the intense heat generated by the positive energy passed on by you. You can visualise that all the negative karmas of the disembodied soul are burning and turning into black smoke and leaving him.

    If you can't do it yourself ... you can take the help of someone who is pious and has strong spiritual energy to help him out.

    Last edited by devotee; 26 August 2014 at 12:41 AM.
    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Well sorry for late reply, i didnt know that my thread was approved by mods since it was sort of odd topic. So apologies. Now some answers to,questions that forum members have asked. This phenomena was not a sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis doesnt last 4 years!!!!!!!!, nor these are halucinations and this spirit is not an evil one. i didnt posted all of it but now since moda have aproved it then let the game begins...

    By the way a fellow forum member from another forum have told me that the spirit which i had communication was a karna pischacha. Do anybody know anything about it, since the spirit itself told me that he was an ear spirit. Does that have any connection?

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