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Thread: What is 'Kainkarya' (service to Lord)?

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    Re: What is 'Kainkarya' (service to Lord)?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sudarshan View Post
    The word kaiMkaryam is derived as the act of a "kiMkara". kiMkara-s are those who obey the orders of their masters without any hesitation. kaiMkaryam is the act of a person who acts on the ordinances of the shastra (or Guru) without any doubt or hesitation and executes it with utmost sincerity.
    correct..Kainkaryam is doing every act as a service to bhagavan/Krushna as Krushna himself said in Bhagawadgita that he is the Purushottama who can be only one. Doing every act as a service to Krushna without expecting any results is kainkaryam only for bhagawad preeti so that paramaatma becomes happy

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    Re: What is 'Kainkarya' (service to Lord)?

    I noticed that Sudarshan spelled the word with an m (kaimkarya) as opposed to kainkarya, are these different words?

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