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Thread: Inspirations

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    Re: Inspirations

    Quotes from Osho

    Many people become religious because they are unhappy. But those who become religious because of their misfortune are religious for the wrong reason.

    Become religious for joy because you have experienced the beauty that surrounds you, because God has made you the infinite gift of life.

    Become religious out of gratitude.

    All temples, churches, mosques are full of unfortunate people. They are there because they are suffering. They do not know God, they are not interested in God either.

    They are not concerned with the truth, they are not seekers. They are only there to be comforted to find solace. Therefore, they are looking for someone who can offer them a cheap faith to mend their lives, to cover their wounds, to hide their misfortune. They are looking for a wrong satisfaction.

    Our religious journey is not a caravan of despair, it is a caravan of joy and liveliness.

    * * *

    A king went into his garden and saw there withered and dying trees, shrubs and flowers.

    The oak said she died because she could not grow as tall as the fir.

    The fir dropped the branches because they could not carry grapes like the vine.

    And the vine was dying because it could not bloom like the rose.

    Then the king discovered the pansy, blooming and fresh as ever.

    The pansy said: 'If you had wanted a fir, a vine or a rose, you would have planted them. It was clear to me that you wanted a pansy when you planted me. That's why I do my best to meet your desire. And since I cannot be anything but a pansy I'm trying to do my best.’
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    Re: Inspirations

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    Re: Inspirations

    It was on the night of his enlightenment that the Buddha Discovered the cause of suffering which he attributed to craving ( desire), ill will and delusion ( ignorance of anatta)

    Thus in the mulapariyaya sutta M.1 He says:

    " Therefore, Bhikkhus, through the complete destruction, fading away, cessation, abandoning and relinquishing of cravings, the tathagata has awakened to the Supreme perfect enlightenment."

    What is the reason? because he has understood that delight is the root cause of all suffering, and with that existence (as condition) there is birth, and that for what has come to be there is ageing and death.

    " Therefore, Bhikkhus, through the complete destruction, fading away, cessation, abandoning and relinquishing of cravings, the tathagata has awakened to the Supreme perfect enlightenment."

    Elsewhere too the Buddha has said the same thing, that the door to his enlightenment was opened when he saw the cause of suffering as desire, ill will and ignorance. And if we want to be rational in our examination, we must focus upon ignorance, because it is due to ignorance that desire and ill will arise.

    Essentially, ignorance is the idea of a permanent, independent self(atta~ego). It this conception of an "I", opposed to to and separate from the people and things around us, that is the root cause of suffering. Once we have the notion of "I", we have inclination to favour those things that sustain this "I" and to be averse to those things that we think threaten this "I". It is this conception of the self( atta~ego) that is the fundamental cause of suffering, and the root of the various negative emotions such as anger, envy, desire, ill will, jealousy and greed.To add to the confusion is our ignorance of the fact that in reality there is no such permanent thing as "I" and that what we label as "I" ( ego , self atta) Is merely a convenient name given to a collection of ever changing, dependently originating factors or aggregates. The "self~atta" then is just a convenient name for a collection of processes.

    In this context, the self is compared to a rope, which in the dark maybe mistaken for a snake, thus causes fear. Similarly, in the darkness of ignorance, we take the impersonal process of feelings ( Vedanā ) , perception (Saññā) and so forth to be a self~atta. As a result we desire certain things and adverse to others. So ignorance in this sense is the mistaken notion of a permanent ego (atta) as a real self.

    Only when this egotism is removed or dispelled by right understanding/view~Samma ditthi~dṛṣṭi, which in turn is possible only with insight meditation Vipassanā~vipaśyanā, that kleśa is become things of the past and the end of duḥkha.
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    Re: Inspirations

    Man clings to the relative as the absolute only to meet with frustration. But if he clings to the distinction of the absolute and the relative as absolute separateness, then again he commits the error of clinging in another form.
    Avadhuta Nāgārjuna

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