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    Absent of negatability for valid knowledge brings us interesting definitions, a foundation of advaitic Vedanta : absolute knowledge is defined as that which can never be negated or contradicted at any time; advaita defines this as ‘real’ (trikAlAbAdhitam satyam). Only this can be pure knowledge without any qualifications. All objects have qualifications and unqualified knowledge, is knowledge of myself or knowledge of Brahman. Hence the pure, unqualified, absence of the negatable, absolute knowledge can only be self-knowledge which should be the same as Brahman's knowledge, since Vedanta defines Brahman as pure consciousness - praj~nAnaM brahma.

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    It is generally characteristic of Mahayana great way of liberation or universalistic Buddha dharma that the mundane ( psychological and physical) welfare of beings is considered a legitimate, if not ultimate, aim of bodhisattva's activity and many aspects of the ethical and practical life of bodhisattva maybe seen in this light. While psychological and physical is not considered the ultimate goal due to its impermanence , it might appropriately be thought of as the elementary stage in the realization of humanity, a removal of conflicts and anxieties to free more energy for higher development. It is axiomatic, based on the world view of buddha dharma, that since all people and indeed all creatures share in each others existence, there is no true benefit for one group alone that is won at the cost of another. It is said to be the characteristic of the Buddha's, enlightened people, that they look upon all sentient beings as equal in essence ( though not the same in terms of characteristics) although the needs of the individuals may differ in detail, they are all equal insofar as they are dependent beings interrelated to one another. Bodhisattva therefore strive to benefit all equally, without losing sight of the diversity and complexity of the means necessary to accomplish this end.

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