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    *** Truth - the all-inclusive virtue ***
    Speaking truth is the most important qualification of a Yogin. Truth is the queen of virtues. Truth is the supreme virtue.
    Truth constitutes the essence of the Vedas. Control over passions constitutes the essence of truth. Self-denial or refraining from worldly enjoyments forms the essence of self-control. These attributes are always present in a virtuous man.
    Truth is righteousness. Righteousness is light, and light is bliss. Ahimsa, Brahmacharya, purity, justice, harmony, forgiveness, peace are forms of truth.
    Impartiality, self-control, modesty, endurance, goodness, renunciation, meditation, dignity, fortitude, compassion, and abstention from injury are the various forms of truth.
    All the above virtues, though seemingly different, have but one and the same form, namely, truth. All these hold up truth and strengthen it.
    When the path of truth is trodden, everything else also is done. When the root is watered, all the branches are automatically watered.

    Swami Sivananda

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    Re: Inspirations

    Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.
    (Bhagavad-gita 18:66)

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    The Lord Buddha discovered the correct way to practice and achieved results to his heart's contentment. He was therefore able to explain about the causes, or the way to practice, together with their fulfillment and fruits. He taught us that the way to depend on oneself is through meditation and that this is the direct route to a firmly established self-reliance. Basing the heart in calm, to whatever degree, brings increasingly self-assurance and confidence — without having to ask anyone else about it. You will know from within yourself. This is termed paccata.m or sandi.t.thiko. The knowledge of good or bad, what needs remedying, removing or developing, will then arise in the heart. This will be understood by oneself and for oneself, as the heart is more and more firmly established.
    The level of concentration, once reached, is already sufficient to form a foundation for the heart, a home where the heart can find shelter and peace. At the moment when we think so much that we feel faint-hearted and weary, we should turn inwards and meditate. The heart can then rest and be stilled from all its preoccupations, finding peace and calm. This is called going inward for refuge, to find a resting place of comfort and ease. This is one level of refuge for the heart.
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    When you are given to the objective world, [citi] becomes mind. If you reside in the subjective world, you become un-minded and you become consciousness. That is citi, consciousness.
    Atra ca nānya upāya [comm.]. There is no other way of means (upāya); there is no other way. Apitu ātmaiva (ātmaiva means mana eva, your own mind), your own mind has become… when your mind is elevated, it takes the formation of God consciousness. When God consciousness has passed into the inferior field, that God consciousness becomes mind.

    Swami Lakshmanjoo'

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    He! lokah srinutha prasuthi-marana-vyadhes chikitsam imam
    Yoga-jnah samudaharanti munayo yam yajnavalkyadayah
    Antar-jyothir ameyam ekam amritham krishnakhyam apiyatam
    Tat pitam paramaushadham vitanute nirvanam atyantikam
    Mukunda Mala15

    Hey , people of the world,
    Hear the panacea for birth, death and disease,
    That has been told by sages great.
    Steeped in ancient wisdom,
    Like the Yagnavalkya ,
    It is the inner light alone,
    Which like nectar ,
    And is the name “Krishna”
    For when drunk this great necter,
    Grants the final liberation,
    Which is complete and forever.

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    A few video's taken whilst allowed to do Char Dham Yatra. I am not very good at videos and many times I had no battery. I hope some members will enjoy and be inspired to visit this amazingly tough and beautiful holy place.


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    Re: Inspirations


    Fabulous, thanks!


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    Namaste Believer Ji,

    Thank you, I will always remain so grateful to able to do this yatra, it was a long time in the making I first did a yatra to Badrinatha Dham in 93 but the road was closed at Jyotirmath Dham. It implanted a desire to do the whole Char Dharm Yatra but it took another 22 years till it finally happened.

    I will remember many things, one being Krsna Dasa Maharaja 91 years, he was a Ram Bhakta from Maharastra, 11 times doing walking yatra, we met him on our way to Kedanatha Dham, he was so vibrant, his eyes were always clear and lively, he had a bent back and walked at a 45% angle, no shoes, jst some light cloth protecting his feet and he walked like the wind, he walked almost 40km everyday, he carried all his own things. I met one his of party later at Kedanatha and he told me that nobody could keep up with him, he crossed Pawali valley up and down in one day, even though I was with experienced yatris no one could keep up with him.

    Also Nepali Baba, i forget his real name I can find out, he is over 100 years old, and healthy and strong, very very kind, he offered us prasadam and a place to stay, we respected his prasadam but we were staying in hanuman chatti so we didnt stop although I wanted to spend more time around him and the other devotees that were there.

    A truly magical place which tested my soul and resolve to the limits. Hopefully by some kripa I can do Pancha Keda this year, I will do padaytra in Tamil first to ask to for entrance.


    Markandeya dasa

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