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    Re: Inspirations

    I often get inspiration from Jaya Kishori Ji. In fact, she self-identifies as an inspirational orator, she sings bhajans at a level that is very spiritual, she is very popular on the internet, youtube, her own web, facebook, you name it. Sometimes when I am sort of down or sad, Jaya Kishori really lifts me up in terms of Hindu inspiration. She is a well known guru of her own right. I know, I should probably paste in some of her quotes and inspirations - and I will soon - but just mentioning her at this time if anyone would like to check her postings!

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    Re: Inspirations

    mahokṣaḥ khaṭvāṅgaṁ paraśurajinaṁ bhasma phaṇinaḥ
    kapālaṁ cetīyattava varada tantropakaraṇam |
    surāstāṁ tāmṛddhiṁ dadhati tu bhavadbhūpraṇihitāṁ
    na hi svātmārāmaṁ viṣayamṛgatṛṣṇā bhramayati || 8 ||
    O Giver of boons! A great bull, a wooden hand rest, an axe, a tiger skin,
    ashes, serpents, a human skull and other such things--these are all You
    own, though simply by casting Your eyes on gods You gave them great
    treasures which they enjoy. Indeed one whose delight is in the Self cannot
    be deluded by the mirage of sense objects.

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