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    Once the Brahmin, JAnussoni approached the Blessed One and spoke to him thus:

    "It's is said Master Gotama, 'Nibbana is directly visible, immediate, inviting one to come and see, worthy of application, to be personally experienced by the wise?"

    'when, Brahmin, a person is impassioned with greed.... depraved through hatred...bewildered through delusion, overwhelmed and infatuated by delusion, then he plans for his own harm, for the harm of others, for the harm of both; and he experiences in his mind suffering and grief. But when greed, hatred and delusion have been abandoned, he neither plans for his own harm, nor the harm of others, nor for the harm of both; and he does not experience in his mind, suffering and grief. In this way, Brahmin, is nibbana directly visible, immediate, inviting one to come and see, worthy of application, to be personally experienced by the wise"

    Anguttura nikaya A 3.55

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    śruteḥ śataguṇaṃ vidyānmananaṃ mananādapi |
    nidiṃdhyāsaṃ lakṣaguṇamanantaṃ nirvikalpakam || 364 ||

    364. Reflection should be considered a hundred times superior to hearing, and meditation a hundred thousand times superior even to reflection, but the Nirvikalpa Samadhi is infinite in its results.

    brahmatattvamavagamyate dhruvam |
    nānyathā calatayā manogateḥ
    pratyayāntaravimiśritaṃ bhavet || 365 ||

    365. By the Nirvikalpa Samadhi the truth of Brahman is clearly and definitely realised, but not otherwise, for then the mind, being unstable by nature, is apt to be mixed up with other perceptions.


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    God, who is described in the koran as "The Light of the Heavens and the Earth," cannot be seen by the bodily ( mundane) eye. He is visible only to the inward sight of the 'heart'

    In the next chapter we shall return to this spiritual organ, but I am not going to enter into the intricacies of Sufi psychology any further than is necessary. The ' vision of the heart' ( ru'yat al-qalb) is defined as '"the hearts beholding by the light of certainty that which is hidden in the unseen world"

    That is what Ali meant when he was asked " do you see God!" and replied: "how do we worship One whom we do not see?" The light of intuitive certainty (yaquin) by which the heart sees God is a beam of God's own light cast theirein by Himself; else no vision of Him were possible.

    "Tis the sun's self that let's the sun be seen"

    Illumination and ecstasy chapter 2

    The Mystics of Islam.

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