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    Definitions: Bhakti


    Bhakti is from the root Bhaj'- 'to be attached to God'. It is pure, spiritual, Divine love. The Bhagavad Gita is the scriptural basis for Bhakti Yoga.


    Bhakti yoga is the yoga of uniting with the Divine through devotion and love. The devotee pours love toward the Divine without fear or motive. All actions are conducted with the Divine rememberance.

    There are nine forms of Bhakti in scripture:

    1. SravaNa (hearing God's names and hearing of stories from scripture),
    2. Kirtana (singing of God's glories/reciting God's names),
    3. Smarana (remembrance of God's name and presence),
    4. Padasevana (service at God's feet/waiting on God),
    5. Archana (worship of God/puja),
    6. Vandana (prostration to Lord/saluting God),
    7. Dasya (serving God),
    8. Sakhya (befriending God)
    9. Atmanivedana (complete surrender/dedication of the self).

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    Those who in penance and faith dwell in the forest, peaceful and wise,living a mendicant's life, free from passion depart through the door ofthe sun to the place of the immortal Person, the imperishable Self.Atharva Veda, Mundaka Upanishad 1.2.11. ve p. 415

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