Hello and Namaste.

I've read two english translations of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, one by Max Müller, and another by Swami Madhavananda of Ramakrishna Math.

But both versions have problems with the 3rd to 5th verses of the Sixth Adhyaya.

Max Müller left these verses untranslated, because they supposedly deal with sex-related rituals and he was too shy to translate it

Swami Madhavananda also didn't translated these verses.

I've read them on the internet, but I don't know if the translation is reliable. It says that if a man "spills" semen he has to touch it, rub into his chest and between the eyebrows and recite a mantra.

Does anybody here have access to the original text and/or a reliable translation?

Discussions about the meaning of such verses are also welcomed.