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    Question hairstyle

    I have got a question to all, who know ISKCON customs better than me. It is about the hairstyle of the male devotees. They have a little queue of hair on one point of the head. Once a devotee told me, that this has got a special spiritual meaning. But unfortunately I forgot. Could anyone explain it to me, please?

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    Re: hairstyle


    It's called śikhā (shikha):

    It is said that Lord Krishna (Vishnu) at the time of death of his devotee pulls his hair, his śikhā, and so takes his devotee in the spiritual world called Vaikuntha, the world of liberation (mukti, moksha).
    Thus by pulling him by the sikha the Lord saves his devotee from the ocean of material existence, ie from this material world which is compared to an ocean of material miseries, repeated births and deaths: http://fridolinfroehlich.deviantart....otee-209344555


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    Re: hairstyle

    Thank You very much for Your answer.

    Meanwhile I also have found this article in wikipedia. My question was about a deeper meaning of the shikha. I would like to know, if there is a energetic use by wearing this?


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