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Thread: Superstition & Faith

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    Re: Superstition & Faith



    I think before we get into terming something as superstition, we need to get to know the origin of it.

    Possibly many of the so called superstitions are designed to increase faith which in turn help the untrained minds to believe and absorb a little of the higher knowledge, which the yesteryear's Rishis, Munis, Gurus used to say.

    many of the superstitions have indirect effect on mind calmness, tolerance, equanimity, shraddha, surrendering, etc etc. These qualities are required during srabanam sessions with learned people (Rishis ==> priests). Then believing and making it part of life.

    This way it was easier to align the society in a particular way faster.
    There is a saying : Objectives are achieved faster with beliefs rather than debates

    Superstitions are part of that management system. However many have used these for their own ulterior purpose and many are there which are not valid in today's world. Those need to be identified and removed. These have been the tradition in India - Cleansing the society of these roughages.
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: Superstition & Faith

    Quote Originally Posted by Eastern Mind View Post
    Vannakkam Anirudh ... I take all this as being up to the individual to decide. Withinthe human family, we have the range from 'all spirituality is superstition' (atheist) to 'everything is valid' to some degree.

    So, with keen observation, intellect, and intuition, we all draw our own conclusions. If you made a superstition quiz of various activities, then asked for yes or no responses, there would be a wide range of results, no?

    Aum Namasivaya
    Well said sirji....

    jai gopala

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