Namaste ji,

I have a good friend who is from Kashmir. In Sept 14th, the area his village is in and areas of Jammu were hit by the worst flooding in recent memory. Homes and livelihoods were destroyed and many were killed.

The area this is in is unstable and has little infrastructure. Winter is coming and very little progress has been made in making sure people will have clothes, shelter, medicine and food.

I ask for prayers for the people of this region. But also, as there are not any trustworthy organizations we could find on the ground there, my family and my Friend from there are starting up a fundraiser to try and get people there help. If anyone is interested in making a donation, please PM me. I hope my mentioning this is OK, please forgive if I should not have asked. I can assure that we are working on a plan to be sure all the benefit gets to the people who need it and not to line anyone's pockets, least of all our own.