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Thread: Bharathvarsh, Sanaatana Dharma and Slavery

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    Re: Bharathvarsh, Sanaatana Dharma and Slavery

    Namaste Kalicharan Tuvij ji

    :-) Thanks for those simple yet beautiful words. As i write this reply, it is 6 am here in India. Very Good Morning.

    I haven't yet understood the complete structure of our various deities. Instead of troubling me with subjects that is hard to understand at the moment, I have decided to deal spirituality the way software projects are executed by following object oriented unified spiral approach. My years of real time professional experience is very helpful in my spritual journey.

    I completely agree, culture is protected in our villages by the people who have less ego and literacy than the ones who spend years of time to learn, practise and excell culture (corporate ?). Very easy way to identify this corporate culture is to observe the aggression. Aggression in my experience is the result of illusion. The illusion of having conquered zenith or peak.

    In that unfortunate breed ( including me ), humility and mutual respect completely vanishes at a point in time when it is highly required. I am working hard to get rid of this acquired illusion.

    Sadly villages are fast disappearing. You and I along with like minded souls can contribute to halt this depleting effect by practising humility and mutual respect. When one see aggression, assertiveness should hold its ground. I believe, that acquired illusion will loose eventually ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalicharan Tuvij View Post
    He must have been devoting this time in a devata who everyone says is formless, quality-less, and most importantly , Silent -- hence the no see. The No See mod @HDF

    Sudas is "too-the-point" on this, though I believe you had recent interactions with one specimen .

    On a more serious note (ahem),
    The urban centers of India -- because of heavy interactions with various foreign occupiers -- have developed a peculiar brand of Hinduism which is very inimical. That is why I believe in "Village Hindu" to take the lead; unfortunately, however, it is still the urban "Hindu" who hold all reins.

    This "peculiar brand of Hinduism" of "urbanites" has some traits (that come to my mind):--
    Monotheistic traits (Abrahamic), soft lifestyles, soft types of Vedanta, veneration of neo-hinduism such as that of Viekananda et all, angrezi, etc.

    They are not serving India's interest in their workfields. They think lowly of villagers, and mostly keep them ignorant of their deeds by the use of various smokescreens. Finally they settle into foreign lands (god bless those countries. Amen.).

    They have built up a power-structure where you have to become like them in order to be successful. One example is media, where we get to see many journos join coming from humble backgrounds but still continue with the anti-Hindu rant -- in order to be successful in their careers. Now, just think of other more important institutions such as politics, defence, R&D, etc.

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    Red Face Re: Bharathvarsh, Sanaatana Dharma and Slavery

    Namaste Anirudh ji,

    I totally share your concerns.
    Though I feel it far more effective to unleash the "village Hindu" and transform the urban culture rather than building fences around the village.

    What are the challenges?

    One is, no one has translated the vision of Purana-s and Veda on an intellectual level. Ram Swarup - the great Hindu scholar in recent times - caught the glimpse of it, but a proper articulation remains to be seen. Funding can also be a very critical issue.

    What are the adversaries?

    For example, many literate liberal Hindus can't stop stressing : "sabkA mAlik ek hai" (everyone's god is the same). Now, this sounds very universal, like the culmination of all harmony and wisdom. But it is not. If you scratch the surface of it, the statement is a very Abrahamic and intolerant one, especially when translated into practical terms.

    Many wrongly apply Advaita to align with - knowingly or unknowingly - Abrahamic undertones. They forget that Advaita is a mode of worship. For example when I meditate on Chinnamasta Ma, I only see Red - isn't this Advaita? Being able to worship through other modes - murthy or bhajan - since when did this become a disability?

    What are the methods?

    Stressing on the polytheistic structure of Dharma, even though it is no way possible to label Dharma as anything in particular.

    And I agree it is nigh impossible to know all the deities in one life time (but again, we are souls having many lifetimes behind). I remember the quote of one Vedic polytheist on RF, @Poeticus:
    "I don't have to believe them, I acknowledge them".

    So, of the three methods suggested earlier in this thread (war, education, marriage), I suppose, education can be the key.
    Things to remember:

    1. Life = yajña
    2. Depth of Āstika knowledge is directly proportional
    to the richness of Sanskrit it is written in
    3. Āstika = Bhārata ("east") / Ārya ("west")
    4. Varṇa = tripartite division of Vedic polity
    5. r = c. x²
    r = realisation
    constant c = intelligence
    variable x = bhakti

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    Re: Bharathvarsh, Sanaatana Dharma and Slavery

    Namaste Kali Charan ji

    In a holistic view we are all saves of Shree Bhagwaan. In my case Shreeman Naaraayan. My master doesn't exploit me but in the case of slavery we had been discussing the master or the slave will most likely exploit the other.

    Education is neutral but impartial education is the last we can expect.

    Even if we devise protocols, can we identify the one(s) who would bell the cat?

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