Hari Om,
Broader Definition of Kendrathipathya Dosha.

When a planet owning Kendras reside in Kendra and in its ownhouse then Kendhradhipathya Dosha effect will be felt.
According to some astrologers this is meant only for DualSigns ( Meena, Mithuna, Kanya & Dhanur)

Does Kendrathipathya dosha really exists? If yes what is thereal effect.
Let’s take the example of Mr. Bill Gates chart.

Lagna – Mithuna
Jupiter – 3rd House
Mercury/Mars – 4th House
Venus/Saturn/Sun – 5th House
Rahu – 6th House
Moon – 10th House
Ketu – 12th House

Here Mercury is placed in 4th house/ Kanya. It didn’thave any effect on the native’s life. Mercury being the lagnathipathi his lifeis sort of a complete life. He was born and raised in a Upper Middle classfamily and he is married for 20 years with the same person and has kids. He isintelligent and of course rich.
Combination of Mars and Mercury in Kanya has given himComputer/Technology inclinations and he is overall successful. AlsoMars/Mercury is a combination of Dhana Yoga( 1st lord and 11thlord) and Moon’s mutual aspect this further

I do not see any afflictions due to Mercury at all in his chart. I’m eager to see the comments from learned members of the forum.